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Zigong Zen post city resort
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Speaking of“Zen” hotel, many people's first reaction is antique mahogany, detached ink, away from the Earth's dry landscape. As a“Micro-vacation”, “Young People Social”, Zigong Zen Post Hotel, we hope to have an interesting cross-border, “Zen” from the Oriental philosophy of simple release, will fashion, light luxury of modern aesthetics into which to create a post-epidemic era under the“Fashion Zen.”. The hotel itself has a lot of room to play. Design area of 8800m2, planning the number of rooms 95, the average room area of 45 M2, more public area of 1200m2. Such a large space, according to the traditional Chinese Zen hotel practice, the cost will be very high, especially Chinese wood furniture, a variety of antique paintings of the soft part. And we through the new Chinese Zen space design, as well as for the cost and material selection, the total cost of control at 15.5 million yuan, to achieve a win-win hotel quality and benefits. Compared with the Traditional Zen hotel, we have several breakthroughs on the basis of cost control: modern aesthetics is different from the traditional strong Chinese style of the thick and simple, we seek a light, artistic, modern Zen space, in the aesthetic more closely to the preferences of young people, the cost is more manageable. The core of tea social mini-vacation is the light social space for young people. The hotel must integrate more social space and deeper connection with young people beyond the residential function. The integration of ancient and modern architectural art to draw freehand Zen, no longer pay attention to the surface of the balance, but the balance of the artistic conception, through the construction of space, to create a peaceful state of mind, so that not only to control the hardware costs, also achieved the same effect, of course, also to the space design put forward a greater challenge.

Agency: TCD design agency

TCD, China's leading cross-border brand design agency, research non-standard hotel brand top-level design, the first marketing positioning, strategy, visual image design and space design into one, business top-level design organization with the goal of realizing business value. TCD provides hotel owners with marketing positioning through its original BSDS brand strategy design system, strategy, image design, space design, architectural design, display art design and other top-level brand design.