Best of Club Space

Zibo Vanke Jade East Underground Club


The clear-cut and temperate colors of black, white and grey harmoniously complement each other. To generate the vintage and cozy atmosphere, the designer brilliantly exemplifies the elegant oriental charisma in the indoor space. The boundaries differentiate areas with classic, comfy, and natural styles. The entire space conforming the subtle and forthright elements and spaces shows the broad and clear mood in the concealing manner.

Designer: Zhang Li

Mr. Zhang Li, graduated from the School of Architecture of Nanjing Tech University, is the founder and the design director of Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhang Li, the design director, takes it upon himself to contribute innovative project solutions, each of which is therefore created with unprecedented elements and new possibilities. Zhang Li is an interior design veteran who has the extraordinary worldwide design portfolio. He uniquely and perfectly combines the design concepts and ideas.