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Zhouning Shangcheng Plaza Commercial Complex
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Zhouning Shangcheng Plaza Commercial Complex
Project type: Business Center
Design period: 2019 to 2020
Completion time: December 2022
Project address: Ningde City, Fujian Province
Building area: 80000 square meters
This is a city activity center of about 80000 square meters, which the first party proudly refers to as the seventh generation mall. We liken this building to a sandwich, with a sports theme park or sports square on the top floor, a citizen leisure and stroll park facing the river on the bottom floor. These are the food for the citizens, and the bacon and eggs in the middle are the various commercial forms supporting the city, adding flavor to this food. We hope that the facade of this "sandwich" can create vitality in the city. There are various strategies behind this, including commercial strategies, investment promotion and operation management strategies, visual symbol suggestion strategies, materials science strategies, vertical organization of pedestrian flow strategies on the facade, and the creation of the concept of multiple first floors and double first floors, among others. But returning to the essence of simplicity is a park, where architecture or houses are not the most important thing, but rather the relationship between people, space, and environment. We have created a vertical park experience for the center of the city, strolling like a garden rather than walking through it. Inside, we pursue nature, engage in activities, leisurely activities, tea chatting, gathering friends, or drinking.

Designer:Liao Guobin

Liao Guobin was born in Fuzhou, Fujian. He graduated from the comprehensive design major of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. He won the Gold Award of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and Lin Fengmian's creation award. The work was permanently collected by the school.
Since 2012, he has served as the director of Fuzhou Fuge Design Company, opened Fujian Fuge Design Company in 2018, and since 2022 as the vice chairman of the Building Interior Design Branch of the Fujian Provincial Environmental Art Design Association.
The 2019 China New Real Estate Design Conference Top Ten Villa Designers.
2021 Japan IDPA Award International Pioneer Design Award -Villa Space Design Silver Award.
2021 Japan IDPA Award International Pioneer Design-Annual TOP100 International Innovation Designer Award.
2021 IIDA Award International Design Excellent Designer. Excellent Award of the Tenth Nesting Award Office Space in 2021.
In 2021, Ande Martin discovered that China ’s good design annual recommended designer. Fujian Excellent Designer Award of 2022.
2023 Nest Building China Beautiful Habitat 70th Exhibition - Design Character Award. 2023 IAF front architecture festival annual winning prize.
Liao Guobin is a mature young designer and a leader of an excellent design company. His design ideals have always been committed to exploring the mutual and mutual integration between Chinese culture in the space "people, architecture, and environment" Relationship. The design project covers a variety of industries such as shopping malls, cultural tourism hotels, municipal waterfront landscapes, human residences, new retail, and other industries.