Best of Model Room

Zhongliang Yongzhou Yue Jiang Mansion


"Reminiscence of the ancient town, dream to Xiaoxiang", the project is located at the confluence of the two waters of Xiao and Xiang in southern Hunan Province. The designer has created the light law and urban style positioning for the two model rooms respectively from the modern mainstream style. . The model room pays attention to the square layout of the space, the humanized scale and the creation of interactive life scenes.
The 117-type modern light-fashioned model rooms are designed with exquisite aesthetic design concepts, and French elements create a space-like atmosphere. The long suspended ceiling of the guest dining room increases the sense of space scale and brings a simple and atmospheric visual experience. The guest bathroom separates dry and wet toilets to create a comfortable living experience, and the balcony life scene guides a healthy lifestyle; the master bedroom has a double-shaped metal frame The glass wardrobe is presented in the form of a display cabinet, shaping the exquisite quality of life. The ground of the space is made of natural and stable marble and warm and quiet solid wood composite floor; the facade of the guest restaurant adopts a beige painted board and exquisite warm gray lines to form a wall panel shape, which sets off the French atmosphere; the TV background wall uses modern composition techniques The area is to create a high-quality artistic stone pattern; the master bedroom uses the guest dining room wall panel as the bedside background wall, and is accompanied by warm and soft leather to enhance the comfort of the space; the kitchen and bathroom de-stylized design creates a user-friendly experience, Improve the quality and practicality of the space.
The 128-type modern urban model room aims to pursue high-end quality space experience and create a stylish and luxurious space temperament. The overall space presents a warm gray tone, using leather, metal and wood veneer materials to enhance the quality of the space and the sense of luxury; the guest dining room and the multifunctional space are combined to form a huge horizontal hall to create rich and interesting life interaction scenes; metal lines on the ceiling The outline is exquisite and full of details. The design of the main bathroom’s long mirror cabinet and the above counter basin is different from the guest bathroom. It highlights the main bathroom label while increasing the visual size of the space. The wall faucet design facilitates the cleaning of the table and increases the use of the table. Area; the kitchen single-layer stone countertops are simple and exquisite, and echo the international mainstream.

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