Best of Model Room

Description of the design between the model of Zhongfu Shi Cui Wei LAN Pavilion 103


Extreme luxury Jane
Home contains the fireworks of life under different scenes, but also quietly blossom the warm fragrance of happiness.By integrating multiple feelings and interpretations of happiness into personalized life scenes, the design presents a life aesthetic space that releases the energy of happiness for customers. Relying on the foundation of modern minimalist hard decoration, the design integrates simple and soft colors, delicate and durable brass accessories and corners to create an ideal life state of light luxury and warmth. Living room background color with cream-colored and light orange to spread the silhouette of sunny life, windowsill sitting idle, garden landscape into painting. The exquisite white SLATE table meets the beige cloud-like soft sofa, the one side is straight, the other side is gentle, the space pattern is compact and powerful, one through. Open mode sitting room, dining-room, kitchen meets the personalized demand such as making friends to receive a visitor, boudoir honey afternoon tea, cooking and baking, the perfect combination of delicate leather and brushed brass, white marble, elegant and delicate, in the light of ceaseless change, the design achieved attractive color beauty and rhythm beauty. Match a picture to have aureate and active rhythm feeling, red wine is in the cup sway the emotional appeal that draws the outline of life.
In advocate lie area, stylist pays close attention to the affection appeal that dweller heart and individual character express more, let a home grow truly the beautiful country in the dream. Quietly elegant wood color through the style metope continued the vision of the space plain and elegant, the bed that advanced gray fastens tastes and deserve to act the role of reveal master quiet and quiet and indifferent state of mind. The refined taste of brass crafts also exemplifies the urban elite. In order to enlighten about the beauty of art interpretation, every detail in the way to live in the elegant preferences, carefully set up a better way of life. A cream-colored single chair is tie-in in gray geometry carpet, the essence that can be seen everywhere still flows quietly with elegant temperament. A cluster of white flowers and the ornament of fresh green plants in the vase add a bright and beautiful spring to the quiet space.
Boys room with the most individual blue universe theme to wake up the space full of vitality, a cloud white bed products and blue custom desk bedside cabinet to create a fashionable personality of the amorous feelings, like running to the stars of the sea desire and ambition has been accompanied by the boy's growth, the moon lighting and space shuttle complement each other. The astronaut's manual display on the desktop transforms the two-dimensional scene into three-dimensional characters, presenting customized quality experience for residents. To realize the best vision of a teenager in the same year.

Designer: Yazheng Liu