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Zhongfu Information Headquarters
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The project is located in the Aerospace Science and Technology Park in Jinan Innovation Zone. The design scheme takes inspiration from mountain rocks. The activity center erects at the top of the building, like a stone from Mount Tai. Drawing on the aesthetics of traditional stone culture, the crown of the building features a modern stone-like form, which is full of variations and hollows. Its overall structure is formed by steel and glass fiber reinforced concrete, and its exterior is clad in white cement coatings to ensure a seamless surface and a holistic natural form. With a stable, simple and integrated modern appearance, the company’s headquarters presents a distinctive visual identity in the city. The equipment on the roof is hidden inside the rock-shaped volume.
At the lobby, the original staircase and mezzanine near the core cube are dismantled and transformed. Complemented by flowing curves on the top, the core cube area is like a complete rock, with its foundation at the center of the space. The surface of this “rock” is finished with artistic cement paint, which is natural, environment-friendly and comfortable. Its form echoes the design concept of the building’s crown, and evokes the imagination about nature.
The office floors emphasize the flexibility of the layout through the use of prefabricated partitions. The crisscrossing pattern on the ceiling formed by tracks simulates the possibilities of layout adjustment at the office area. The modular glass partitions can be dismantled or adjusted flexibly within the tracks according to actual working needs. In the long term, those modular structures will save the cost for office layout adjustments due to the change of the company’s departments.

Designer: Ren Zhiqiang

Since 1995, Ren Zhiqiang has been engaging in the design sector for 28 years, exceling at the design and management of complicated projects. He has rich experience in delivering creative and execution solutions for a wide range of project typologies, including public buildings, offices, theaters, restaurants, and small-scale projects.
He participated in creating the relief mural artwork “Peace, Progress, Freedom”, which won the first prize at the 8th National Exhibition of Fine Arts.
In 2016, Ren Zhiqiang founded design practice Hezhu, and was awards as one of “the Outstanding Designers of the Year” by China Building Decoration Association. In the same year, his interior design proposal for the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia won the Silver Award of I-ding International Design wards.
Ren Zhiqiang finished the continuing study courses for elite designers delivered by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Bauhaus University respectively in 2017 and 2019.