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Zhengzhou Poly-Aman City Hosong Duplex Showflat
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Dining table is the carrier of the gathering, the sign of family warmth and fireworks, so that the busy life a little more mind release, taste the good life together. Modern gentleman's style, enjoy the elegance, enhance the texture of the space on the items, hobby in the display to enlarge. Space in black and white as the base, bursting out a small amount of colour collision, every place is full of trend surging breath and the fresh energy of the times, so that the space to leave white instead of enhancing the texture, irregular lines to enhance the fluidity of the space. The soft colours and warm materials help people focus on their hearts. Stepping into the master bedroom is soothing and pleasing, eliminating the sense of oppression in the space.

Agency: Wang Xiaofeng Studio

Wang Xiaofeng Studio was founded in Guangzhou, China, practicing the "people-oriented" design concept. Wang Xiaofeng Studio renders tailor-made integrated design services to customers through its professional design team, profound design experience and rigorous management system. Wang Xiaofeng Studio solutions also consider humanistic care and artistic aesthetics, emphasizing the multiple symbiosis between city, space and people.
Wang Xiaofeng Studio fields cover property, commercial, cultural tourism, hotels, private residence, clubhouse, etc. It has systematic design experience as well as a mature collection supply chain and provides long-term consulting services to customers' changing spaces.