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Zhengzhou Longfor Light Mansion Sales Center


The Shuanghu Science and Technology City of Zhengzhou, which is surrounded by two lakes and three rivers, can naturally enjoy the pleasant nature of green trees and clear blue waves. The Zhengzhou Longfor Light Mansion located here has naturally become a white sail in this western landscape painting, with poetic, romantic, and moving emotion. U-GENE Design draws inspiration from the surrounding natural environment and derives the concept of "water" in multiple ways. It penetrates the entire space with "blue sky and blue waves, yacht flow lines and ripple elements", opening up a poetic life for guests.
The first step to perceive Zhengzhou Longfor Light Mansion is the "Flow Winding and Wineglass Drifting", which is the combination of freehand brushwork and modern art. The agility of lakes is introduced into the architectural space. The crisp and pleasant gurgling water and the mighty falling curtain of water are both quiet and moving, dark and bright, and the constantly changing light and shadow give the curtain wall a sense of sparkling.
The outdoor recreation area set up by the water creates a complete view of the yacht through smooth lines and unique three-dimensional structure. In the evening, indulge in the unparalleled social space in the breeze. Life is infiltrated by nature. Comfort and coziness are the only hopes now.
Moving to the entrance hall, the sunlight spills through the floor-to-ceiling windows, quiet and leisurely, and the light and shadow intersection gives soul to the space. White becomes the best canvas at this moment, and the extension of irregular lines also mobilizes sensory imagination and injects modern poetry into the entire spatial structure.
Follow the light and shadow through the arc-shaped door to enter the sand table area. The magnificent sand table lights set the tone of the entire space-under the sky, it is round and convergent. The designer uses the design techniques of "imagery Chinese" and "echoing from top to bottom" to intervene oriental traditional culture in the modern space, presenting a majestic sense of aesthetic ritual.
The negotiation area is decorated with warm orange. The leather curved sofa set can enable you easily enjoy the outdoor scenery. The all-inclusive four-person deck encloses a separate thinking space, sharing the lively atmosphere while keeping private in one corner. The water ripple-shaped lighting devices at the ceiling quietly creates a smart expression of the same color of water and sky, ingeniously blending with the original design.
Along the water bar extending from the negotiation area, the space facade is divided by a linear array, and the bar counter in the shape of a grille echoes the sand table lamp, showing the quiet and peaceful charm of the space. The light source behind it is projecting warmly, and the space seems to carry an endless sense of time.
The arc-shaped streamlines that run through the entire space are inspired by the lines of luxury yachts. The repeated arrangement and combination of arches bring a sense of dynamic rhythm to build a unique spatial order. The same color and material blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. It also shows one step closer to the concept of human habitation of poetic dwelling in nature.


U-GENE has many years of experience in interior design. With excellent expression and control, it has made many classic cases in various fields, and has cooperated with Longfor, Greentown, China Shipping, Shanghai Industrial, CIFI, Yuexiu, Rongxin, First-tier domestic real estate companies such as Zhongtian, Zhongnan, Jinmao, Hejing, Hongyang, and Shimao have established strategic partnerships. The company's works cover rich property types such as real estate hardcover, high-end commercial, catering hotels, private clubs, etc., and are recognized by the owners and peers. U-GENE pays attention to design quality, deliberately integrates design into different cultures of the East and the West, combines classical and modern design elements to create a harmonious and comfortable space that is not restricted by time and space, so as to optimize the living environment and improve the quality of life. U-GENE has rich experience in interior design, pays attention to plan ability and project implementation, has strong project schedule time nodes and control ability, efficient and professional team, and high degree of cooperation.