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Zhengzhou Longfor Light Mansion 304 Villa


Project Name: Zhengzhou Longfor Light Mansion 304 Villa
Location: Zhengzhou, China
Design Company: U-GENE Design
Chief Designer: Tianbiao Jiang
Design Team: Hui Dong, Xiran Wang, Dan Tong
Area: 304 square meters
Cost: 35 million
Design Cycle: July 2020-October 2020
Completion time: October 2020
Main Materials: natural stone, wood floor, wood veneer, wallpaper, art glass, hard case, stainless steel
Client Name: Zhengzhou Longmao Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Dejian Lin

Modern human settlements should not only be confined to a certain inherent form of residence, but should be a spiritual destination that can be lived in poetry. In the model room of Zhengzhou Longhu Tianjing, Youjing adopts neo-modernist design techniques to perfectly combine art and practicality, and cleverly uses colors, materials, lines, and light and shadow to create high-quality living spaces of two types. Both are modern styles, but each have their own personalities, bringing a richer aesthetic experience.
The simple but not single life attitude is perceived from the first time when entering the house, and the smart and transparent touch of red color takes the lead in opening up the modern and elegant delicate texture in the space. The restaurant part, from the exquisite leather dining chairs, high-quality metal tableware, to the combination of light and dark light sources, seems to be a gorgeous and unconventional music work, naturally singing.
The open living room field leaves more possibilities for aesthetic creation in the space. The combination of simple shapes and smooth lines of furniture creates a free and easy modern style. The continuation of colors also makes the space more fluid. When the toughness of the metal is scattered on the large area of gray stone, the artistic details embedded in it, once again, it has become an ornament of the taste of life.
The master bedroom, which demonstrates the personality of the owner, runs through the space with soft earth tones. The freehand line texture can be seen everywhere, low-key and no lack of feeling, creating a fashionable and comfortable resting space.
The style of the secondary bedroom keeps echoing with the public area. The modern mirror decoration and the extension of color enrich the original space level, and the details arranged carefully are comfortable and warm.
The design of the boy's room highlights the sense of movement through basketball elements, and the selection of home furnishings and color matching are all lively, bringing a sense of vitality.
As the stairs rotate downwards, you will come to the parent-child activity area on the underground mezzanine floor. The open layout forms a free shuttle line. The beautiful colors collide with the improved industrial style at the ceiling, and the taste is obvious showing. The artistic decorations that have appeared in large numbers in the space have been extended inward into the animation theme space. The two are distinguished from each other and intertwined and coexist, which improves the comfort of the mezzanine space as a whole.
Continuing down, the hostess area of the basement is suddenly enlightened with a unique style, with dry rose as the main color, which is naturally connected with high-grade gray, the pleasant and romantic mood in the space is amplified, and the elegant life attitude flows naturally. The artistic decoration details are exquisite and full of fun, walk in that, you can enjoy the beauty of daily life.
The collection area of the host runs through the basement, and the empty design brings strong visual impact. The use of large areas of stone highlights the sense of quality. The light-transmitting treatment at the ceiling makes the overall space brighter and more open. Parking on the upper floor and wine storage in the lower part, thus the hierarchy is clear, it is grandeur and conveys the master's calm and introverted attitude.
The outdoor space is different from the avant-garde and modern indoors, but is presented to the viewer in a natural beauty. Plenty of sunshine fills a courtyard, gurgling water and prosperous flowers and trees, take a rest here and feel the tranquility of the urban nature.

U-GENE Design

U-GENE has many years of experience in interior design. With excellent expression and control, it has made many classic cases in various fields, and has cooperated with Longfor, Greentown, China Shipping, Shanghai Industrial, CIFI, Yuexiu, Rongxin, First-tier domestic real estate companies such as Zhongtian, Zhongnan, Jinmao, Hejing, Hongyang, and Shimao have established strategic partnerships. The company's works cover rich property types such as real estate hardcover, high-end commercial, catering hotels, private clubs, etc., and are recognized by the owners and peers. U-GENE pays attention to design quality, deliberately integrates design into different cultures of the East and the West, combines classical and modern design elements to create a harmonious and comfortable space that is not restricted by time and space, so as to optimize the living environment and improve the quality of life. U-GENE has rich experience in interior design, pays attention to plan ability and project implementation, has strong project schedule time nodes and control ability, efficient and professional team, and high degree of cooperation.