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Zhao Meili Hot Pot – Guanyinqiao Flagship Store
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Zhao Meili Hot Pot is the only Chongqing hot pot brand to break the circle in the competitive environment of Chongqing Hot Pot in 2023.
Zhao Meili Hot Pot -
Guanyinqiao Flagship Store is located in the Guanyinqiao commercial district of Chongqing. The restaurant covers an area of 160 square meters, with a total of 16 tables and 66 seats.
As a commercial design, this case revolves around lightweight brand investment, differentiation of brand space, and privatization of brand symbols.
On the front door, by maximizing the packaging material and luminous area,brand name and other key elements are enlarged to make the front door brighter and clearer to achieve an overall visual impact and becoming a powerful tool for attracting customers for the brand.
In terms of spatial structure, old brick walls and red glass structures are used to divide the space to make the store with only 100 square meters private.
In terms of spatial decoration, a festive red color scheme is used as the basic color tone. The old flower wooden doors with congratulations on getting rich, red couplets, handwritten calligraphy, old-fashioned mirrors hanging on walls, red hanging flags, millennial naked buttocks dolls, red and white checkered tablecloths are used as symbols to carry the memories of a generation. In addition, glass is combined with highly reflective materials,such as mirrors and other things. It creates a conflict between old and new, also connect young consumer groups and present a lively dining atmosphere.
This case opened in February 2023 and according to official data, the store has accumulated a queue of over 34000 people in a single month, with a maximum of 11 rounds of platform flipping. The daily average platform flipping rate is 826%, and the longest waiting time is 327 minutes and it continuously ranked first on the local hot pot list.

Designer:Zou Jie

I am the founder of Muqiancheng Design Company, engaged in spatial design for 15 years and specializing in catering space design.
Service brands:
Zhao Meili Hot Pot, Hula Noodle Restaurant, Xiangcunji, Huishui Town, Four Course Dishes, Zhang Ji Xinglong, Tao Xiaochuan, Meotan, Chayu, Wu Chaoshou
Representative projects:
Hula Noodle Restaurant, a leading fast food chain in Chongqing China.I have led a team to design over 80 stores since 2021.
Zhao Meili Hot Pot, a leading chain hot pot restaurant in China.I have led a team to design over 150 stores since 2023.
Graduated from Sichuan University of Education in 2009 with a major in environmental qrt and design
2009-2010 Chengdu Shangju Decoration - Home Decoration Designer
2011-2013 Southwest Branch of Zhejiang Yaxia Decoration Co., Ltd. - Design Institute - Deepening Design
2013-2016 Chongqing Xinghong Decong Catering Management Co., Ltd. (Xiangcunji) - Engineering Construction Center - Designer (Xiangcunji, Mr. Rice Kitchen Design)
2016-2017 Chongqing Hujiaban Decoration Design and Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. - Designer (Catering Store Design: Chongqing Old Stove Rural Cuisine, Chongqing Ba Daotang Hot Pot, etc.)
2018-Present Personal studio
(Established Chongqing Muqiancheng Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. on April 2019 Catering Store Design: Chongqing Zhangji Xinglong Chongqing Cuisine, Kyoto Small Tavern, Four Seasons Spring Folk Cuisine, Chongqing Hula Noodle Restaurant, Xiangcunji, etc.)