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Yunxi mansion
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The Yunxi Mansion, carrying the story.
Yunxi Mansion is located in Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, an old house started in 1953. While retaining the original architectural style, the indoor and outdoor integration. Finally, take the wind of the Republic of China as the main element of the space. The space of the wind of the Republic of China is not only a style, but also a kind of emotion. It allows us to cross time and space and feel the cultural deposits and historical temperature of that time. We through the collocation of materials, modeling, color, space, decoration and other hard soft decoration, show the magnificent past, full of charm and charm, full of the gift of these years, is not only our attachment to that period of history, but also the expectation of the current life. Experience time once again changed into a new appearance has a new inheritance and memory, space describes the past, inside the door is the golden years, outside the door is a new era of heavy traffic. The poetic narrative of the Republic of China architecture Lay out a time trip In a poetic way The cultural context unfolds in turn Strong in the Republic of China architectural style It exudes a sense of age and has an aesthetic taste.

Designer:Zhibin Liang (BEN)

Shenyang build a dream building space design agency founder, Beijing peer decoration partner A designer for 18 years The purpose of space design is: to trigger awakening with life, and to build memory with professionalism Seventeen years of perception, to touch every thought Seventeen years of love, the design of every expectation Seventeen years in the process of pursuing design aesthetics: keep the original intention, constantly explore. Hope that through the design, For each resident, Build exclusive memory points for each business space. The growth experience in this life is the process of awakening. Living in the space, to do: Useful, have quality, have understanding, abandon do not need, only leave your best state. Commercial space, to do: Type, tone, color, highlight your characteristics, let the memory point become a symbol. Where the eye reaches is beautiful, where the heart is a dream. Liang Zhibin: a person who realizes his dream, making dreams for every expectation. We meet together for the next 18 years, Together: return to the happiness of awakening, build the memory touch point of business.