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Adjacent to the largest wetland park in the city, under the transparent glass building facade of "Shuixi Yunlu", it is inspired by Chinese gardens. You can see the low back corridors and hidden mountains and rivers. Gathering emptiness and observing tranquility, you can enter the victory through seclusion, which has the space bearing of "distinguishing thousands of searches within a square inch". If you walk two or three, you will change the scenery step by step, with endless changes, full of vitality, but it is unique and quiet.
The designer brings the Chinese literati temperament of "Wen Wen Er Ya" into the indoor atmosphere. Once you get started, you will find the dome made of many overlapping geometric shapes. Its shape is like petals, like diamond cutting surface, with romantic and eternal meaning. The space of the whole sales office is designed with geometric stitching patterns and streamlined interweaving, which is simple and generous without losing dynamic romance. A large number of materials such as metal, jade and leather are used in the space to create a sense of quality of the space. The designer is committed to integrating urban humanities and natural ecology to create a unique sales office in Greentown.


Sheng Yongna, who graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1999 and Tsinghua University in 2014, is now the founder of saridip Space Design Co., Ltd. With many years of design experience, after time accumulation and precipitation, I have my own design skills and style. Pursue perfection, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have strong communication and coordination skills. Adhering to the concept of "ingenious design leads the aesthetic purpose of life, and integrates the aesthetic quality into the works perfectly", we create an exclusive current life style and a unique artistic conception beyond our expectations for each project.