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Yuexiu Grand Mansion 110 Modle House
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Project Name: Yuexiu Grand Mansion 110 Modle House
Location: Guangzhou,China
Design Company: MTO DESIGN
Chief Designer: Rey Yaw ,Chang Ma
Assistant Designer: Millie Huang, Tingting Mo, Qingqi Jiang
Area: 110 square meters
Cost: 6300 yuan/㎡
Design Cycle: July 2022
Completion time: September 2022
Main Materials: artistic paint, environment-friendly coiled material with texture, wood veneer, marble,brick, etc
Client Name: Yuexiu Property
Photographer: Miangui Huang
The residence with multi-functional compartment.Diversity does not only refer to the different usage of living space, but also refers to the mixed living. Mixed Living: Two or more usages are intertwined.

Accommodation is not only refers to the regular living space, but also means multi-area, multi-functional mixed use. Therefore, at different times, different situations, there will be different instant feelings, the mixed feelings of life to release different emotions.

The way of modern urbanite life person, changes with each passing day. Depending on your personality or the actual needs to work, there is a world of difference.We have conducted the actual understanding and analysis of the hostess's habits and hobbies.Accordingly, in this case design, the living room no longer has the traditional sofa and background wall, a long table will meet most of the use scenarios: breakfast, video conference, work, study, afternoon tea and so on. The design concept of intermediary came into being, and we no longer pursue a single design logic.
【Dining room】 In the design of the restaurant, the project uses a lot of texture accumulation of design hands. For example, the superposition of material, wool, solid wood, glass, rough marble and other natural materials with a sense of texture, artistic modification, the superposition of a variety of painting styles. Through the overall tone before and after the relationship, let the space is comfortable and hierarchical. The finishing point of the table is, using the old wood renovation to make a bracket, let the space have the temperature of history.
【Living room】 For a botanist, the sun may be the source of her spirit change, collect beautiful branches flowers as guest restaurant excessive decoration, horizontal space multi-function ark, blurred the boundary of the two areas, in the afternoon sunshine, let rough material become exquisite, let the old wood accumulation art pendant more imagination, as if the whole home began to "photosynthesis", infinite vitality.
The various combinations displayed in the living room meet most of her use needs.Out of the hostess's living habits, we divided the living room into three sharing areas, namely, rest and meditation area, work and study area, and storage and collection area. The living room of three paragraphs type, even if many people coexist also has different activity trajectory, let alone have a multi-functional table.
Memory images, mapped in the photo collection. With the breeze, the inspiration recorded on paper, formed over the years of reading habit let her have a variety of thoughts. Light and shadow seem to occupy the whole table, mottled and lightsome "flow" in the space, a cup of coffee, you can drive away the exhaustion of the day.
The totem of the carpet is the plane composition processing of the mottled bark, the collision of color and the echo of light and shadow, so that it can form a new "aesthetic order". The sense of history in the space is a clever mix and match, creating such a harmonious atmosphere.
Open cabinet rack, removable ladder. The books and tools placed along with habits and needs, there is a no-style of life beauty, it is a kind of knowledge, as if it is uncarved, natural spirit stone. The bookcase displays ancient books, literature, science, education and other books, because the personal interest also has some collected ornaments, reflect.
Take down a book, open the page of the last read, each movement is in harmony with the decoration in the space. For the hostess, this multi-functional storage rack carries not only the "words", but also the real life needs. The contracted design of bookcase, abandoned dazzling colour and tedious detail. Let the collection of items and stored books become the leading role, become the work of art with cultural heritage, enhance the granular sense of the whole living room, let the "temperature of history" bloom here.
【Master bedroom】 The bedroom is a private and personal space for her. Bedroom is given priority to with comfortable, it is the gap of spiritual rest. She is good at doing subtraction to the heart, the style of the bedroom is a kind of rich emotional and calm modern design, moderate color matching, do not show abrupt, the breath of nature makes the space have angry, the single chair of tiger pattern, mottled tree shadow, slightly muscular fabric, highlight the little personality of the hostess. The layout of the master bedroom is relatively traditional, and the dresser function meets the
【Kids room】 The children's room combines tong qu and curiosity in the space design. Traces of animals are everywhere, and scientific anecdotes, furry books. In the material performance of warm and rich, but also to meet the children in the growth of the comfortable "exploration". Combined layer frame, activity hook and desktop, so that children can recognize life and learning in their own space. Clean and concise design, in order to highlight the children's various hobbies and physical objects.
【Study】 Some of the family paintings are the original works brought back by the hostess when traveling in Europe. In addition to all kinds of scenery, there is also this picture of her favorite "Music Trivia". This work from an Italian artist profoundly describes the interest and aesthetics of displaying a still life.accompany A classical vinyl music, in the study for some special research work. The color scheme of the space also comes from the scene in the painting, with some bright small color schemes jumping out from the brown color block. Unicom is together the bay window and the desk bring very good relaxation effect to the room, the encircling type combination design lets the user can feel at ease here. The hostess's understanding of the natural environment can study it, or make it become a work of art. We will collect the dead leaves, after screening, the morphological specimens, simple composition, reveal poetic meaning. The white base of the bearing specimen is a synthetic fabric remade of waste paper and leather, which is formed naturally, but is artificially carved out. The use of old things is also the hostess's support for environmental protection, and the cooperation with our small works.
【Balcony】 The balcony is a most direct interaction with nature, is also her favorite area. Because be engaged in plant research work, can plant the green plant variety that she studies recently on the balcony, present with a kind of decorative background way, cooperate with clever lamps and lanterns, form a kind of unique experience feeling.
【Conclusion】 Home, like a fresh plant, has tenacious vitality. The proportion of objects in space is "random" , like the branches of a tree. From shape, color and subtle texture, objects will be rearranged and combined after being touched and used, It is just like when a plant experiences wind, frost, rain and snow during its growth. It will change its shape.
If clothing is the coat of the body, then the house is the coat of life. She subtly arranges her favorite plants, books, patterns and colors in her warm little home.
Home is not only a carrier of life, but also an attitude to life. Because of the impact of the epidemic, the modern young consumers, who are the major force of consumption, have undergone tremendous changes in residential use function. Today's living room is no longer just for watching TV and socializing, but also for work, taking a nap, and relaxation when working from home. Therefore, there is no longer a traditional sofa and background wall in the living room. A long table will meet most of the scenarios: breakfast, video conference, work, study, afternoon tea, daze, etc. The mixed design concept came into being which is a more complex and varied space usage.


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