Best of Hotel Space

Yueting Residence Inn no. 89


In this case, the design of the hotel incorporates natural elements into the interior and reinterprets the new concept of surprised silence wind.
From the introduction of the unique shape and handle elements, the texture of the rusted plate, the hall marble of the cave stone texture, and leaves, veins, roots, these natural fresh elements make the space to give new vitality. The application of metope and ground cement lacquer continues the elegant quiet of the style. The ceiling USES wooden fake beams interspersed with the modern combination to give the original quiet atmosphere the texture of the art space, which makes the tourists can't help but want to explore further and gain a new understanding of the original concept of the hotel.
Due to the limitations of the original building, the narrow corridor creates a new visual effect through landscape construction and circular ceiling lighting treatment. This subtle artistic sense balances the solidification atmosphere of the narrow space and combines movement in quietness, thus allowing travelers to find the relaxation of heart and spirit.
Different guest rooms follow the overall design style and use in satisfying functions to improve the comfort of tourists. The semi-open layout of smooth talk, wash gargle and toilet, increased the interaction of each area and connection, borrow measure to try to adjust, free fully appear again proper, stylist looks from big place, small place brushstroke, the mu Wen of large area rich texture feels and flowing line photograph are united in one, the grace of circle is wonderful, wood is pure and natural. Through soft fitting, natural materials woven and rattan woven into the wall decoration, the space is filled with comfortable and appropriate atmosphere with simple and elegant walls.

Designer: Zhu Mo

In 2012, won the Excellence Award of China Display Art Competition
In 2013, won the third prize of soft decoration design
2015 international space design award @ award
Nest Award of the 7th China International Space Environment Art Design Competition in 2016
Awarded the Asia-pacific Designer Certificate in 2019
In 2019, he was honored as the person of the year of WAD2019 world young designers conference