Yuanlong Wangpin Marketing Center
Designer / Agency
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Project name | Yuanlong Wangpin Marketing Center
Project type | real estate design
Project address | Haikou, Hainan Province
Service content | space design
Live shooting | Hui photography
Yuanlong Real Estate foresight Hainan Free Trade Port spire effect, take the capital city Haikou city traffic main chain, the new landmark of the craft-made free trade port - Yuanlong · Wangping. With the best of times, with the great city. Yuanlong Wangpin, riding the east wind of The Times, in the vibrant international free trade port sailing, build a dream voyage. How to create a "new landmark" in a city? Escape from the vanity of the city, integrate contemporary technology and art with the concept of "ark", so that the city dwellers who are shackled in life can rush to the age of great navigation.
01: Pilot · Dynamic vitality In the reception area of the marketing center, the walnut decorative wall without excessive piling and decoration design creates the beauty of majestic atmosphere and order, making the silent space become a swaying and rolling sea level. The arc line jumps up the life tension of the sea dancing up and down, momentarily freezes in the visual senses, and gives the voyagers who set foot on the ark a broad free imagination of the future voyage.
02: Mood · Silent listening to thunder The gyro artwork carries the soul of the Ark's spiritual fortress in an uplifting attitude. The vast sea of light and shadow floating, sea monsoons roaring past, wind scars crisscrossing, full of gushing vigorous tension.
03: Ideal · Liao Wang city margin The traveler is boundless, the ideal boundless. The bearing platform at the bottom of the sand table takes the meaning of Noah's ark, hoping to follow the direction of the light, and slowly sail to the other side of the ocean. Hainan Free trade era prelude played, Yuanlong real estate history journey into the free trade port on the blue sea, riding the wind, waves, pioneering, enterprising, engraved city markers of circulation for a hundred years.

Designer: WU XIAO BO

Zen Idea design, pioneer of Chinese design for 30 years, advanced study in University of Florence, Italy, member of Asia Pacific Hotel Design Advanced Seminar 18 Honorary President of Hainan Zhanjiang Design Force, President of Hainan Branch of Youth Association, Deputy Secretary General of Macao International Design Federation, senior international commercial graphic designer