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Yuan Yang Sales center


Stepping into the space, the unique craft installation with luxury style and luxurious atmosphere is the first stop of the visual journey. After entering, the experience is advanced temperament, the space that is invisible at a glance, and the regional planning that cannot be easily guessed. The guests' expectation of the space and the desire to explore. What strikes the visual is the high-grade warm pink, stone, wire glass, resin board, leather, metal and other materials that affect each other and complement each other. They are restrained and contending with each other. Let the guests truly step into it, the delicate emotions are awakened, and they are immersed in the boundless imagination of home.
Driven by nature and initiative, guests themselves have the desire to explore and understand things around them. The private space separated by the metal fence in the space gives the viewer a different real experience and the expectation of the space is virtually increased. The small miniature of the living space presented by the concave lens device further attracts people to further explore and understand the future space. Make the space show a calm atmosphere while not losing a sense of vitality, aiming to give customers a pleasant environment for negotiation. Forget the noise and enjoy the language in the space carrier. Enjoy the journey of exploring home. The negotiation area adopts a comprehensive atmosphere of fashion, quality and restraint, integrating the essence of indoor art matching with modern and simple art flow. Through the walls, metal screens, soft partitions, and soft-fitted lamps, the spatial sense of space and the mutual resonance of the space are formed, in order to try to show the complexity and random order in the space. Make guests temporarily shield the eyes of those high-density noise and information. Cut the space combination to make the space reasonable and transparent. The afterglow of the setting sun is sprinkled on the building, and the lights are on, which outlines the exquisite luxury of the overall space, making the space full of a sense of ceremony, and the sense of ceremony overflows with a warmth and nostalgia for home.

Designer: Wally Mau

Wally Mau has more than 20 years of interior design experience, led the MAUDEA design team to walk in the forefront of the interior design ndustry, with its visionary and determined design concept, guiding the development of MAUDEA. He has always believed that innovation is based on the perfect imagination of customer needs.Therefore, every contact with a new design project, Wally from the beginning of the design of the project began to participate, and adhere to the full participation, attention to every detail, its rich experience so that many problems can be solved. Wally has been working with the real estate group to maintain good communication and coordination, fully understand their needs, to achieve the perfect combination of form and function, access to the owners and the industry a high degree of recognition.