INNOVATION Prize of Real Sate Sales

YOLAND-CITY Sales Center


Project Name: YOLAND-CITY Sales Center
Location: Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Province, China
Category: Sales Center
Area: 1400㎡
The YOLAND-CITY Project is located in Zhejiang, a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe. Since the beginning of history, this well-endowed region has brought forward men of talent, and the scenery features are even gentle and pleasant. Buildings around the area are of Hui style. The biggest characteristic of the indoor design of this project is that its indoor space is a regular rectangular shape, with a hollow square dug in the middle to form an atrium, while the other functional areas are distributed around the atrium while remaining connected with one another, forming a courtyard that is linked from end to end. This layout is inspired by the featured “Si Shui Gui Tang”of Hui style architecture, with the atrium in the middle used to concentrate lighting and collecting water(rainwater flows into the atrium from four sides through inward sloping roof ). Taking into consideration the practicality of this project, the designers added a lid to the atrium, in order to utilize just one of the functions, which is to bring in natural sunlight. By doing so, the surrounding areas will also be able to bathe in the natural light.



The entrance to the courtyard is in the middle of the longer side of the rectangle, and the reception after entering will thus attract more attention and gain importance. A comfortable warm gray tone is chosen as the main color, with countless colored glaze and metal screens creating a calm and restrained atmosphere. Through the screens, glazes and viewfinders cut on the wall, the view after the reception can be seen indistinctly. After passing through the reception, the view will widen suddenly and the sight of the atrium will appear right before the visitor’s eyes. This setting up before the revelation is derived from the narrative method of traditional Chinese opera. The initial concealing and the disclosure in the next stage immediately generates a vivid contrast.
Since the ancient times in China, literati has refined custom of sitting by the riverside and compose poems while drinking wine together. The whole space has inherited this traditional elegance from the ancient times, and hopes to create a gathering place for modern literati. Function rooms such as the audio-visual room, the model display area, the negotiating area etc. are placed around the atrium, just like the ancient times when the people sit together along the river bank. An ancient tree and an ink-slab stone stage are set in the middle of the atrium, it brings a sense of arty culture of poems and wine. The flourishing age of modern literati and cultivated people is reinterpreted by modern techniques and presented In the YOLAND-CITY Sales Center.

Wei Jinjing

Wei Jinjing, the founder of Nature Times Art Design, his designs embody the essence of the East, using the philosophy of nature as a source to create spaces that sit in harmony with their environment. Approaching each project as a work of art, we draw inspiration from both Eastern and Western elements, and constantly break away from tradition and convention to create contemporary design concepts that are unique and original.