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Yixing Baolong Marketing Center


Many people only know yixing is well-known in China and abroad Taodu, but do not know Yixing's long history of tea drinking culture. Many people who come to admire Yixing after a full view of the lake light mountain color, cave heaven and sky wonders, can not forget a pot of "yang envy tea" to taste.
Yixing tea as early as the Three Sun Wu era, known as Chijiangnan, then known as "national mountain tea." "National Mountain", that is, today away from Mexico Mountain. According to Yixing County Zhi: "Fifty miles from Moshan in the southwest of the county ... The top of the mountain produces Jiaxuan, aromatic crown he planted." To the Tang Dynasty, because of the "tea holy" Lu Yu's recommendation, "yang envy tea" so famous throughout the country, the sound of a time.
The designer summarized the characteristics of "tea ceremony" and "pot art", and emphasized Yixing's cultural connotation in the space through the refinement of historical style and modern elements, so that the rich emotion and the city's humanistic spirit become the main line and soul of the space. Make life aesthetic, make art into life.

Shanghai Mufan Space Design

MF design is a creative studio which focuses on interior design and covers many fields, which was established in Shanghai in 2016. The meaning of "Sanskrit" is pure and quiet. We are committed to grow up in the struggle of silence and design in the noisy environment. With solid professional foundation, we constantly break through the boundaries of design and recast new life for space.