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Yibin Rui Tianhui sales department
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In the design of Ruijie Tianhui sales department, we take "modern, science and technology, future, environmental protection, natural light and shadow" as the core concept, to create a full of futuristic collection space, to show the power of city rebirth. Albert Einstein once said: time and space are a kind of illusion of human perception. In this space, we try to break the shackles of time and look for the eternal moment. By exploring a new starting point in the change of time, we will create an experience space with a strong sense of time and space, and realize the integration of ancient and modern times, presenting a unique contemporary and artistic quality. As a city experience hall of intelligent robot services, we will present the sense of technology of the future. Intelligent robots will provide customers with meticulous care and services, so that they can appreciate the convenience and efficiency of the future city. In the space design, we will skillfully use the light and shadow effect, the natural light and indoor light perfect integration, to create a natural and harmonious atmosphere. In addition, we will provide customers with a private and exclusive art living space through the design concept of privacy, privilege and art life hall, so that they can find a harbor in the busy city life. We believe that through this creative and imagination of Ruijie Tianhui sales department, can arouse people's vision and expectations for the future of the city, but also show the infinite possibilities of urban development. Here, the past, the present and the future blend together to compose a wonderful city movement. Project name: Ruijie Tianhui Sales Center Project owner: Sichuan Ruide Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd Project address: Yibin, China Design unit: Chengdu Zunxi Decoration Engineering Co., LTD Address: 2-2-1702, Wuhou District, Chengdu City Main design: Wang Xiaoya \ Luo Gen Hong \ Huang Aixi Design Team: Wu Di Project area: 1000 ㎡ Design time: May, 2021 Completion date: September, 2021 Soft decoration design: Chengdu Xichen Decoration Design Co., LTD Project photography: LSSP

Designer:Aixi Huang

Design Director, Chengdu Zunxi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Design Director, Hong Kong Xichen Design Consultant Co., LTD. Beijing, Beijing, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Milan, Master of Art Design, Master of Space Planning, Brera Institute of Fine Arts, Italy