Yantai Yadong Qihao cultural and creative park
Designer / Agency
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Yadong 7 is located at No. 7, Songhuajiang Road, Yantai Economic Development Zone. The former name of the project was Yadong Standard Parts Factory, which was established in 1985 and operated until 2017. In 2018, the site ushered in a new turning point and was transformed into a cultural and creative park led by Fujinxiang Real Estate. The team hopes to inherit the original historical context of the site, the original spatial characteristics of the site and the elements of industrial style to the maximum extent. By transforming some micro elements into art installations and pavement pieces, the team can achieve the purpose of participating in interaction, and become a new landmark of Yantai Economic Development Zone and a new urban memory point. It realizes the vision of a new connection between the industrial style of the building and the urban context. After its completion, the project quickly became a new landmark of urban vitality in the old industrial district of Yantai Economic Development Zone, not only upgrading the old industrial district, which was already depressed, but also establishing a new connection with the surrounding community.

Agency:Honing Studio

Honing Studio is a landscape architecture firm based in Shanghai, China. In recent years, the project practice insists on solving the current urban problems through art, science, technology, ecology and other ways to cope with the challenges of urgent environmental, health and other related issues. Adhere to innovative design, customized services. At the same time, I have been exploring my own design philosophy and re-understanding landscape architecture and environmental art in the current era. We insist on meaningful and quality design that strikes a balance between environmental acuity, community connection, artistic beauty and economic viability to maximize the social value of the site and enhance people's happiness.