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Ya’an Zhougong Hot Spring Hotel


Zhou Gongshan, the ancient name Cai Shan, according to the "Shan Hai Jing", is a famous mountain in Dayu's water control. Its hot springs have been famous since the Han and Tang Dynasties, Du Fu also wrote this verse "I know that the fish in the Minjiang River in Chengdu is always considered the most beautiful.
This time, we were invited by Ya'an Cultural Tour to participate in the planning and design of the project hotel.
The project is located on the scenic Zhougong River. The hotel is built according to the surrounding terrain and mountains and rivers. The entrance of the hotel is located on the bank of the Zhougong River. Guests from all over the world will take a boat 2km here.Along the coast of the Zhougong River, the beautiful scenery of the Zhougong River comes into view, which is calm and relaxing at the same time.
The whole hotel adopts the form of Tang-style architecture, which is adapted to local conditions. The local area has excellent water quality and abundant spring volume, so that all rooms are equipped with pure natural non-circulating soup springs, and each household has entry Garden.Fully independent, fully protecting the privacy of guests
At the same time, the hotel also has a net red project, Japanese-style Tangquan and swimming pool, all located on the cliff, enjoy the hot spring at the same time, the beautiful scenery and scenery also have a panoramic view. The hotel is equipped with more than 2000m² children's amusement center, so that children can have the imagination and play space,It also satisfies the concept of family journey.
In addition, the hotel has space such as tea room, chess and card, book bar and SPA to meet the needs of guests of different ages.
The designer's design philosophy is to fully integrate the entire hotel into the geographical environment, just like integrating into the surrounding mountains. Here is a space that is isolated from daily life and blends with nature.Whether it is from the spacious hot spring bath, or the sound of running water or breeze blowing from the woods, it can make guests forget all fatigue and stay away from the hustle and bustle. Ya'an Zhougong Hot Spring Hotel is a dreamy modern hot spring place for busy modern people.

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