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The original space has numerous walls, scattered layout and messy and complex relationship between moving lines, which seriously affects people's living experience. The space still stays on the plane of two dimensional, rigid and lack administrative levels feeling. The designer knocked out all the walls that could be knocked out in the space, reorganized the spatial dynamic line, changed the original disorder state, and re-established the three-dimensional and transparent space order.
Clever and reasonable transformation makes the whole space look new again. Under the transparent and smooth vision, the three-dimensional order with distinct layers is reconstructed, so that the space can be used by me. It not only solves the original problems of cramped space and planarization, but also provides more possibilities for the continuation and transmission of a better life.
Modernist master Le Corbusier was quite infatuated with the order in design. In architectural design, he advocates to create an illusion of extended space that can be walked into from the plane arranged in depth to achieve a sense of transparency. The sense of transparency in interior design also comes from this transformation from 2D to 3D.
In order, through the outline of artistic geometry and linear shape, people's emotional tolerance is well connected, in line with the owners' spiritual appeal. The simple and elegant art, rich and moist, brings pleasant and soothing experience to the living, making the home truly become a warm and comfortable spiritual harbor.
Ladder steps are like piano keys.The winding art geometry becomes colorful with the lights on and off. When the light is not on, it is quiet and elegant; When the light comes on, under the simple, clean, artistic and elegant background color, the warm life will come back slowly.Introverted and orderly lighting interprets the possibility of space in its own words. Whether it is natural light or light, it becomes the most anticipated part in the design because of the brightness of light and the implication of hope. The ideal home should be like invisible arm crook, take every wandering child into the bosom, the slow atmosphere around began to ferment.In which one can breathe freely, acquire a pleasing synesthesia, does not have to go far away, does not have to look around for a place of peace.Stylist knocks out all redundant wall body in the space, after the boundary that will block line of sight gets through, whole living room appears majestic. You could see the city from the window. In the contracted of layout reveals extraordinary quality.
The remolding of the space order is like turning a dull and ordinary music into a heavenly music that makes people marvel repeatedly. Then the staircase in the middle of the living room becomes the most critical chord to adjust the whole music of Nature. In addition to the flexible and free form and the practical convenience it brings, it always reminds people of their yearning for art and delicacy.
The existing cantilever space on the second floor was expanded to become the owner's private "art gallery", where the owner's art collection is displayed. You can savor each collection and enjoy the spiritual pleasure and satisfaction brought by art.
The original space structure is relatively weak, the chaos of moving lines causes space waste, and there are many blind spots of light, which seriously affects people's living experience. The designer knocked out the redundant wall, changed the original disorder state, and re-established the three-dimensional and transparent space order

Designer: Haoling Yu

Engaged in interior design industry for 21 years Life aesthetics practitioner, senior interior architect Deputy Secretary General of Furnishing Art Committee of China Interior Decoration Association Founder of Sichuan Shangshe life design Design director of studio.y Yu HaoLing Design Office Partner of bcsd baichengshang architectural design consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Yu HaoLing, engaged in interior design industry for 21 years, is committed to the design and customization service of private house space, with projects all over the country. The work pays attention to the introduction of "science and technology, nature, ecology and art", and interprets the symbiosis and common growth of space and people by mining the living background of design; in exploring the balance between the new and the old, and the dialogue between tradition and modernity, it integrates the fast and slow life rhythm of Chengdu, seeks the root of Chengdu's historical and cultural heritage, and skillfully combines modern aesthetic, cultural, artistic and functional aspects to create a "delicate city" "City, life" in one of the modern home design.
Studio.y Yu HaoLing design office, founded in 2015 in Chengdu, is mainly engaged in the whole case design of private house space, focusing on the integration of modern aesthetics, culture, art and function. In the design, it explores the balance and change between the new and the old, the dialogue between the traditional and the modern, and advocates the design values of empathy with the residents.
Major Honors:
Silver and bronze in 2020 a'design award in Italy Best of year awards-city house Interior design - International Innovation Design Award The 13th IDA International Design Award in 2019 The 17th International Design Media Award in 2019 - home space award of the year Double Award for duplex residence and furnishings in the 7th Tina golden mansion award in 2019 Grand Prix Du design award of Canada in 2018 Display China · jingqilin display space Award International design media annual home space award 2018