INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

Xuemei One


This design takes "plum blossom" as the theme, taking the shape of plum blossom and borrowing the meaning of plum blossom.
Plum blossom is one of the top ten famous flowers in China. It is listed as four gentlemen together with orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. It is also called "three friends of winter" with pine and bamboo. In Chinese traditional culture, Mei, with its noble, strong and modest character, inspires people to work hard. In the cold, plum blossom flowers before the world alone and spring.



In the overall style, the unique appearance of plum blossom is used to deduce, and the implied meaning of plum blossom is used to express the respect and blessing to the owner.
In the design of tea room space, designers think about tea culture.
In modern society, tea room space is not only designed as a single tea drinking space, but also a multi-functional space with comprehensive features, including painting and calligraphy creation, meditation and making friends.
In terms of design techniques, Chinese freehand brushwork is given priority to. The overall design is concise and lively, with waterscape as the theme, which outlines a dignified and atmospheric space atmosphere.
Piano area plays a connecting role in the whole one floor space, from the living room to the dining room.
The design of the piano area takes into account the nature of the piano, and designs the overall space with the design of display space.
The four corners of the space are designed with four columns, which metaphorically represent the alternation and rotation of the four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter in this space. A group of hollowed out decorative cabinets are made on the side close to the living room. They are separated and continuous, and you can see the side of the living room through the decorative ornaments.
The overall design does not have too much complex modeling. The space is bright and clear.
The design of the restaurant follows the design of the piano area. In the space of the restaurant, you can make an appointment with your friends or talk with your family.
The treatment of the wall uses marble as the main background, inlaid with rose and golden horn as ornament, without too much modeling accumulation, giving people a lively main.
The design of the senior house is mainly in the selection of materials. The light black walnut is used as the background color, and the rose gold lines are used as the main color, and the landscape freehand artistic wall cloth is taken as the background in the middle.
The daughter's room is embellished with bright pink color, blue as the continuation, white art texture paint as the main melody, plus ornaments. Deduce a different kind of space movement.

Designer Feng Jiajie