SILVER Prize of Mansion Villa



Project information Project Location: Qingxiu District, Nanning
Project area: 1086m2
Chief Designer:Ronger Kane
Interior design team: Xuechen Xie ,Xiaoyong Long , Rangshuang Yu
FFE and executive team: Jing He , Jia Qin , Mengying Liu , Yunhan Dong , Min He
Main materials: gray marble, wood veneer, glass, leather, fabric, metal



Luxury PENTHOUSE does not mean the piling up of expensive materials and the patchwork of luxury brands, but should focus on the attitude and temperature of life as well as the interpretation and understanding of home.In this project, the form is basically weakened and only the essence of space is presented. From the construction stage, we start the design of interior space. The method that from inside to outside brings more possibilities to the whole project. After repeated deliberation and analysis, a southern courtyard, a two-story carry empty sitting room connected with the building, stairs floating on the water, a two-story overhead art gallery connected with the living room and an appreciation area come into sight. The space, quiet, independent and unobtrusive, mingles with another language-light. We pursue the essence of brightness rather than the light itself, and construct “freedom” in silence.
“Freedom” is a pronoun what we give to this “Penthouse”, in which you can find most are expectations for the spiritual world: relax, rigorousness, noise, quietness, closeness, distance, innocence or independence. You can find right spatial attributes in this “Penthouse”, whether for easy life or various emotions.
We are not ascetics, but “freedom” is more inclined to refer to a rational way of life, trying to avoid vulgarity and depravity that superficial materials and desires may produce. “Freedom”, just like soup in Cantonese food, which seems plain, but contains the essence of various selected ingredients, playing an important part in all kinds of dishes.