Innovation Prize of Decoration Display

Xiaoketang Teahouse


Lead designer: pecry Choi, Zhu Wenhao, Xue Huiman
Design team: triple space design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Project address: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Project area: 350 M2
Materials: cloth, wood, ceramics, plants, stone
Photo by Shan Hecheng



Xiaoketang tea house is located in an ancient Hakka village with a long history. Reclusive in a simple semi enclosed building, it is a classical and simple modern cultural teahouse club. The teahouse has both teaching and practical functions. It is a place where music, performance, Pu'er tea lectures, tea art training, etc. are gathered. The design of soft decoration in the teahouse is based on the charm of "Zen", which aims to reflect the communication between human and nature. The "Zen and tea" is simple and has no time to create a comfortable and peaceful place for the soul of modern people.
Wuwu send shape group dynamic, pottery willful life. Along the secluded path, the stone bamboo grows between the two steps, capturing the fragrance of plants and plants. Bamboo and stone light and shadow interweave. On the wooden plaque on the porch, there is a large family named "xiaoketang teahouse" written by Mr. Yu Qiuyu. It is full of strong and long spirit and mellow and clear. Under the plaque, ceramics and tea sets are at ease, A tea, a smoke, incense late, flowers and vegetables green lamp.
The door and window space of the teahouse is open and free, and the distance between the sight guidance and the soft decoration distance between the venue are designed. The so-called moving scenery, the functional design in the space, and the cultural connotation support the design spirit. After the green planting of the front hall, the tea room and the performance area are connected by a window, with a distance of a row. The window is a cross legged sitting tea room, which can be used for scenery, and the round window frame is a scene that is full of implication Beauty. In the design, the designer prefers wood. The traditional tenon and mortise wood structure and soft decoration are used to form a sense of sequence of space, keep the plain color and clear texture of logs, and retain the original texture of the building on the brick wall, which is full of a kind of indifferent and free and easy scene. Fabric is simple natural color, cotton and hemp texture, reflecting the beauty of natural color. With low saturation color texture, in the space with strong sense of order, grasp the scale proportion of furnishings to create a comfortable space. Tea sets and porcelain can be seen everywhere in the space. The spirit of porcelain bone is extracted as a visual symbol to express the space atmosphere with contemporary techniques. The oriental culture is taken as the starting point for landscape design with withered branches, which is arranged according to specific conditions, making the lighting effect unique and showing a unique artistic conception. The combination of green bricks, grey tiles and ancient wood can express the modern touch of natural materials to express the spatial texture, and also give customers the experience of going through historical time and space. Wooden partition door allows space to be fully separated and utilized, and various functional divisions are divided at the same time. It is an important course to drink tea, arrange flowers, study ancient literati's elegant affairs and cultivate morality.
Since ancient times, scholars have regarded tea as a confidant. Therefore, tea culture has accumulated rich wisdom. Triple space is a perfect combination of traditional culture and contemporary life, and the unity of visual style is represented by the composition of point, line, surface and relative color. Among the three, Zen is more like a bridge of communication, which harmonizes space and things. When all the noise and silence are depicted in the painting, the sight will follow the streamline of the space, from the wake of the insects to the frost. The tea room of xiaoketang is in this impetuous and restless world. There is no other place to let people indulge in the beauty without being disturbed.

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