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Xiangmihu No.1
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The Hong Kong style is a new trend in recent years. This work emphasizes the independence and coordination of interior spaces. The color combination mainly uses coffee and milk white to highlight the sense of hierarchy in the space. In the planning of space and layout, the pursuit of concise and direct effects is avoided, avoiding complicated and complex decorative elements. The simple lines, smooth furniture and home decorations become the highlights of the space, creating a clean and concise visual effect. At the same time, it focuses on functional performance, combining design and practicality, and pursuing a comfortable and quality living experience.

Designer:Sutang Shi

I have been in the design industry for 17 years and have won many design awards. I am committed to tailoring design solutions specifically for my clients, emphasizing unique and unparalleled design. During this time, I have continued to learn, improve, and research, accumulating many years of experience.