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Xi’an China Railway Planyue Sales Office
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Project name: Xi'an China Railway Planyue Sales Office
Project address: Xi'an, China
Designer: Nine Dimension Design
Project Designer: Ding Wei
Assistant designer: Cheng Zhigang, Xu Shangbin
Project area: 800 square meters
Soft-decoration cost: 3,000 yuan/㎡
Hard-decoration cost: 2,500 yuan/㎡
Design start and finish date: February 2022 - June 2022
Completion date: September 2022
Main materials: wood veneer, stone, stainless steel
project's enterprise: China Railway First Group Xi'an Co. Ltd.
Photography: 404NF STUDIO
From the very beginning of the project, the city has impressed us with its rich cultural heritage and outstanding natural resources. Surrounding the project are the source of Jinghe and Weihe river, rocks, ancient walls, towers, which give us a design inspiration to bring the heritage and natural harmony to this place where people live.
In China, landscapes are the spiritual home of literati and the foundation of Chinese aesthetics. By building oneness between stone, tree, water and architecture, we attempt to bring design back to the track of nature. It is named “view the stone and the scenery”, and the space gives substance, namely light and shadow, to the passage of time, in a quiet and pure style, thus creating a simple artistic conception.
Borrowing 'first acquaintance' as the scene concept, the designer decorates the front hall with crystal blocks throughout, thus echoing the landscapes of Xianyang in both image and soul, the image of overlapping mountains and the soul of meandering waters.
Using “first acquaintance” as a keyword, we design the sand table area into an atrium space, a space with the largest lighting surface of the project, and the incarnation of what is sunny and mild, in the hope for the space to bring surprises and shocks, longing and yearning to the owners’ lives. Space and people meet, know, and share a free, wanton life scene. Architectural elements are used to apply cutting to the wall, and a stretching shape from the facade to the top surface is implanted. The crystal lights hanging from the air smell of books, presenting a scene together with the outdoor ecology.
Nestling in the center of the whole space, the water bar area always brings services and care the moment people feel the need. Usage of natural stone texture continues, so that metal and stone will whisper in space in a new language, which is tinged with oriental delicacy and lightness.
In alignment with the inspiration of “nostalgia for home”, the negotiation area is so designed that it can bring more warmth and gentleness, closeness and quietness. Warm materials and muted colors are used to decorate the space, silently nurturing the tranquil atmosphere. The wall of metal partition, while enhancing the sense of spatial privacy, deliberately polishes the space, with an aim to highlight the architectural momentum of the space.
To return to the depths of “childlike innocence”, two dynamic and static zones are designed for bigger children and little ones. Free shift between slide and bubble pool, book bar and Lego game gives fullest play to children's fun.
To re-embrace the original intention of design and seek nourishment from nature, to clean souls of worldly dust and restore lofty elegance, we are committed to delivering a noble experience, as is typical of designers who understand and follow the courtesy of design.

Agency: Nine Dimension Design

Founded in Chengdu in 2011, Jiudu Design now has three branches in Chongqing, Kunming and Xi'an. A player focusing on real estate for more than 10 years, the company has, with its professional R&D and innovation ability, grown into a provider of whole process, integrated indoor space solution. Projects it has served cover more than 30 cities in China. Centering its business on real estate, the company has expanded into diversified areas. The company has nearly 200 professionals with international vision and keen insight into the local market. Its cooperation with customers has delivered one after another indoor space works with industry benchmark influence. Pursuing "better life" as mission, the company, by bringing design back onto the track of products, breathes content and life into its products. While seeking inspirations from traditional and modern multi-cultures, it has translated spatial imagination into artistic expressions with rigor and wisdom. An advocate of putting design space users first and functional and aesthetic balance, the company is committed to sustainable development of space and nature, environment and humanity.