Best of Hotel Space

Wuyi Mountain Yunqing Resort, China


“The jade peak flows the rosy cloud to love Wuyi, roosts Shan Chanshui pleased to YunQing”
The Mt. Wuyi Yunqing takes vacation the hotel to be located as beautiful as a painting national 5A clear to travel in resort area, quiet, enjoyable and merges into one organic whole comfortably, brings brand-new takes vacation the idea, lets your' place military yi, heart You Shengjing'.
The hotel may 360 degrees look at the scenery the area, each guest room all has the independence to look at the scenery the big balcony perhaps ultra greatly private enjoys the garden, also all fills the design feeling from the whole to the detail, the Mt. Wuyi tea culture will fuse with it, the pursue and the nature `paragenesis will altogether roost'.Received lets the resident monopolized “carves weakly luxuriously” the idea, in the hotel arrangement deduct the modernistic with to restore the old perfectly the principle harmony to melt, by was in sole possession of savors the development fine classical and the modernistic perfect union, the city space with takes vacation the concept to blend mutually, brought the unique experience for you which differed from the past, an achievement Fang Dayin Yu Shi leisure vacation resort!

Designer: Linjin Wang

Graduated from Fujian Agricultural and Forth University. He is currently the company's deputy general manager and chief designer