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Wulin Downtown
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This home themed on "Sun & Moon" creates a vivid encounter with Hangzhou. The designers approached the layout subversively, to blur the boundaries of spatial scale, emotion and landscape. Therefore, the space becomes a "container" with life and warmth, and grows with nature and the occupants.
Covering almost 300 square meters, the flat is an outstanding transformation from a limited space to a boundless one. It perfectly reflects the idea of treating every functional space with equal importance, to provide a vacation living experience in the city. The designer's vision of life and the future is conveyed through this apartment.
At initial schematic design stage, the designers deliberated on the plane for many rounds, and finally decided on the design concept of "landscape courtyard". The design gives the space an excellent sense of scale and rhythm through precise calculations, and redefines lifestyles.
The living room, water bar, dining room, and tea room were designed to have distinct functions, while still being integrated. The space strikes a balance between the boundaries and scales of life, while also following the natural law, growing and expanding towards the outside world.
The pastel color palette, the greenery full of energy, and the dynamic daylight penetrating through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, create a poetic and warm home, which provides a haven for the dwellers off work and secludes them from the hustle and bustle of the secular world.
Hangzhou's distinct cultural heritage and stunning landscapes have been refined over time, resulting in an urban landscape with strong aesthetic features and historical heritage. The combination of space, time, and nature evokes a personal connection to the city's collective memory when one enters the room.
The tea room in the corner of the home is separated by a transparent glass partition, which is a remarkable innovation. Residents can sit quietly in this area, accompanied by their loved ones and friends, surrounded by green trees that blend with nature, and relish the leisurely passing of time under the sun.
Returning to the purity of life, the design team redefined the routines of daily life with the concept of "equitable living space". Through the subversive design of the north-facing living room, the home breaks away from traditional thinking and returns to the relationship between people and space. Relationship, in terms of scale, perception, and spirit, evokes the atmosphere of a vacation home and facilitates unbounded communication between dwellers.
The French windows provide a 270-degree landscape view that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, making the home a premium viewing platform over the city. When sunlight falls onto the bed, carpet and sofa, life begins to be full of tenderness.
The light penetrating from the bedroom to the wardrobe seems to be a metaphor for the connection between people and life. The bathroom with both beauty and functionality is integrated with the bedroom. The open layout seems to create an invisible connection, which contains ordinary daily life, as well as the sense of ritual of life.

Agency:Hangzhou, China Overseas Company

Hangzhou, China Overseas Company (referred to as “the Company”) was founded on March 6, 2007, as the 15th regional subsidiary company of China Overseas Land & Investment Limited in mainland China.
The Company currently has over 110 employees, with an investment of over 49 billion yuan. The team has developed over 18 high-quality projects in various core areas such as Binjiang, Sandun, Zhijiang, Xixi, Qianjiang New City, Huanglong, Wulin, Yunhe New City, Genbei New Town, Qianjiang Century City, Longwu, and Shibei New City of Xiaoshan. These projects cover different types, including residential buildings, office buildings, and commercial buildings, with a total development area of over 3.6 million square meters.
The Company focuses on three major businesses - “Residential Development”, “Urban Services” and “Design Services”. The residential properties under construction include MAISON D’ÉMERAUDE, CHEA SINENSIS, MAISON D’ÉLITE, CANAL, THE TIMES OASIS, and others. The Company has invested in office buildings such as Universal Center and Qianjiang International Center, as well as innovative UNILIVE long-term rental apartments. The Company also actively fulfills its social responsibilities and sponsors China Overseas Majin Hope Primary School.
Supported by the tremendous strength and brand competitiveness of China Overseas Real Estate, the Company's projects have been listed as one of the top 10 real estate sales in the Hangzhou market for many times. The Company has won many awards and honorary titles, including the "Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize – Outstanding Residential Community Awards Glod Awards", " Most Influential Real Estate Brand of Hangzhou, China", "Top Ten Most Influential Real Estate Enterprises in Hangzhou", "National Habitat Competition Comprehensive Award", "Hangzhou Construction Engineering West Lake Cup Award", "Hangzhou Home of Advanced Workers", etc.
Going forward, the Company will adhere to a sustainable development strategy based on scale, specialization and brand building, actively participate in the urban construction of Hangzhou, and create a better life together with the city and community.