Wuhan Urban Construction GuangCai International City Sales Center
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Wuhan Urban Construction GuangCai International City, located in the Binjiang International Business District of Hankou, the “Lujiazui” (the glitzy financial district in Shanghai, China) of Wuhan, is designed to be a high-class, premium and luxurious living space and an ideal place to gather “High-Net-Worth Individuals”. The Sales Center needs to be transformed into commercial space later, so the design focuses on creating a relaxing atmosphere like in an art gallery with the marketing elements diminished as much as possible. It is designed with the concept of “Yuan”, which, in Chinese, means the origin of everything. The giant grids extend layer by layer into the indoor space, becoming an integral part of all the buildings. The landscape is also delicately designed to blur the boundaries between internal and external space. In this way, with the building, the space and the nature combined in a perfect manner, a brand-new site, that much values people and experience, comes into being.

As for layout, we make full use of the super-high empty area of the Sales Center by using super-large glass curtain wall, which offer a panoramic view of the natural scenery outside. When the light shines into the space, the countless changes of light and shades guide the visitors into a magnificent world but with subtle sentiments. The structure of giant grids seems complex, but is simply shown thorough the flowing outlines, various layers, and the powerful visual effects that come along. There are also sculptures in different forms, all representing “Yuan” - the origin. As art and technology are integrated in a flexible and dynamic way, the space is always full of vitality.

Designer: Bin Yan

Chairman and founder of Yitian Design Group
City representative of the world society for high rise buildings and urban habitat (CTBUH)
Member of the Second Council of China Federation of medical Architects (chaa)
He is a practitioner of designing and creating quality space. The creation of Yitian design originates from his accumulation and pursuit of art and beauty in his early years. With a creative and practical aesthetic perspective, he breaks through the inherent design shackles, explores the spatial expression method of the integration of interior and exterior, art and science, leads the trend of interior design of large office buildings, and presides over the creation of Wuhan citizen's home Many large landmark works, such as the public service center of East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Wuhan future science and Technology City, Changjiang media building and Hubei Provincial Library, have won a number of national, provincial and municipal awards and personal honors. Over the past 25 years, we have respected the original heart, taken employee happiness as the core concept of the enterprise, loved and adhered to the design industry, and are committed to creating maximum value for customers through continuous design innovation and efficient service, growing into the most trusted architectural decoration design brand in China, sharing a better life with employees, and finally realizing sustainable operation.

Agency: Yitian Design Group

Founded in 1995, YiTian Design Group is one of the largest companies specialized in architectural decoration design in China,was honoured with the TOP 40 interior design giants of 2021 by INTERIOR DESIGN. As a large-scale architectural decoration design group endowed with leading R&D platform, YiTian involves a national-level design and development system, a strict design quality control system, a procurement management system for material supply chain, and a value-oriented service system for customers.