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Wuhan The Catania F House Model Room
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Projet Name: Wuhan The Catania F House Model Room
Location:Wuhan, China
Owner team: Liang Fei, Zhou Miao, Gong Xin, Kong Lingying, Yuan Peng
Developer: HWCD
Design Team: Zhu Yuyu, Yan Chong, Ye Yuxin, Qin Jinghang, Lou Yaoying, Hao Shengxi, Chang Le
Area: 305 ㎡
Cost: 10000 yuan/㎡
Design Cycle: April 2022 - June 2022
Completion Time: Sep 2022
Main Materials: yunduola grey marble,ancient wood grain marble, Jinhe beige marble, Bulgarian grey marble,stainless steel, leather hard bag, wallpaper
Photographer: Jin Xiaowen


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