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Wuhan Liantou Optics Valley Ruiyuan


Project information
Project Name: Wuhan Liantou Optics Valley Ruiyuan Function: Sales Office
Budget: 4000/ ㎡
Location: Wuhan
Area: 1300 ㎡
Owner: Wuhan United Investment
Everything grows in stages, budding, vigorous and prosperous. This is a story about growth. With the gradual progress of the life cycle, corresponding to the development of the city and the change of living conditions, create a life scene with health, safety, happiness and experience.
The architectural space design concept of the sales department follows. The original building function is a business model store, so it is necessary to re-adjust and design the internal spatial structure and functional blocks. The main materials of the overall space of this case are artistic paint, solid wood composite floor, wood veneer, sandstone, texture paint, travertine, white terrazzo, gray terrazzo, etc.
On the first floor, the preface area takes the budding groundbreaking as the starting point, and reflects the beauty of power by breaking up the space and reconstructing the structure, thereby showing the hopeful vitality. The prologue hall with a "ceremonial sense" is placed with a blue flocking "statue". Looking at it, the children are introduced into the story and begin their journey of growth. A vibrant parent-child interaction area, combined with the original architectural space, creates a healthy space full of sunshine and reshapes the harmonious parent-child relationship. The appearance and arrangement of arches are based on the original architectural structure and design concepts. The function focuses on interactive experience. The book bar and handcraft area are set up from this concept, which is a place with a warm living atmosphere. In this public space, colors are infinitely magnified, bringing more fun and guidance to children. Safety is the primary requirement of children's space. Therefore, furniture and ornaments do not have sharp edges and tips. They usually adopt circular arc edges, and the materials are mostly soft materials.
The negotiation area on the second floor is integrated with the leisure concept, which can better reflect the intimate relationship with friends. This is a place that combines the social needs of different people. The design takes into account the differences in psychological perception between adults and children, and takes care of the sense of ritual needed by adults and the necessary entertainment for children in the same space. Here not only allows us to enjoy the beauty of the space in the building, but also allows us to speak more freely, which is also a way that many young people like. The arc shape of the leisure area is combined with the arc arch structure of the facade on the X and Y axes, so that the flat facade is continuous, interwoven and extended on the Z axis. This feeling also brings the meaning of growth.

Designer: Lanny