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Design gives space a new definition. Make the characters feel the two memory forms brought by time in space, and double overlap with them to explore new life in space. In this case, the artistic conception of garden tour is reinterpreted in a modern and simple way. The traditional form of space is abandoned in the form of de selling, combining with the slow space mood of artistic end scene, to build a gradual mood of one scene at a time for the audience, to create a natural and time-space interactive garden experience, and to create an integrated space for sales, exhibition and office. Hope to integrate sales into service by emphasizing product experience and service. Through the creation of the scene, we can weaken the customers' vigilance and resistance to the sale of houses. Let every visitor feel calm, joy and enthusiasm in the space we shape, so as to get emotional sustenance. Continuing the architectural language and integrating modern art, a rich atmosphere experience is brewing in the architectural space with the natural and quiet landscape interlaced in the perimeter and the guiding space of light and shadow.

Designer: Feizhong Fu

Dongchuan Design Office
Founder&Design Director