Best of Dinning Space



area of the garden is larger than that of the building, which plays a key role in shaping the style of the whole project. After communication with customer , it is positioned as a garden cafe with exotic flavor and full of tropical feeling.
The design hopes to bring customers two different feelings of indoor and outdoor, but from the aspect of style and tonality, it runs through the whole process. The exterior wall of the building is made of pink with memory points, which makes the house have strong recognition from a distance. The original appearance of the window and some details are modified and adjusted to make the decoration more clean and simple and close to the theme, but it retains the original part of the upper and lower staggered body Interesting structure, arch door made of metal support and welding, random stacking of various tropical plants, make the entrance has a sense of ceremony and exotic customs. Walking inside is an outdoor garden. On the original open flat ground, the designer skillfully set up an arc pool and a seat area in the atrium to separate the moving line more nimbly and have a sense of hierarchy, and brush the folding of white paint at will The laminated wooden outdoor reclining chairs, with a rough hand feel, are scattered among the tropical plants. The sun is mottled on the wall. Everything seems to be unsophisticated, but it is full of tropical island like leisure customs.
The interior space on the first floor is specially reconstructed with two front and back door type glass doors, so that the guests can have more special experience when walking around the garden and indoor. The interior is divided into three parts: the main hall, the secondary hall and the back kitchen. Each space is cleverly divided by the arc door. The interior wall is made of gray white rough texture feeling paint. The cave structure makes all the ornaments appear exquisite and unique The ceiling of the hall is decorated with beams made of old ship wood, which breaks the dull feeling of the original space. The finishing touch is the huge flower art device suspended on the ceiling, which forms a good visual response with the retro piano and medieval objects below. In addition to the classic rattan Rick chair carefully selected by the designer, the wall part also directly introduces the outdoor seat design features to the interior, which is interesting and outdoor form a certain characteristic association, the overall space in the light of plant and herb flavor foil reflects a strong foreign quiet wind.

Designer: JaysonKu

RSXS Ruishang Xingsu Space Design Founder/Design Director JAYSON KU, China's cutting-edge space designer, cross-border in commercial space, graphic, clothing and photography creative design fields, once won the Shanghai International Creative New Generation Designer title , Founded RSXS Ruishang Xingsu Space Design in 2008, and has focused on design creation in the fashion field for more than ten years, creating design cases with great commercial value and competitiveness for many brand enterprises. The work won the Innovation Design Award of 2020 ID+G Golden Creative International Space Design Competition.