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Wind Blowing on Frontier


Wind, swaying ripples, denuding texture, carving arcs,
surge force in invisibly flowing.
Yinchuan, a verdant city in the vast desert. Lonely smoke in the desert, sunset over the long river, ancient songs sing in the wind. Below the Helan Mountain and above the Yellow River, the roughness lifts the oasis, the camel bell wakes up the dawn, the roughness and the desert, graceful Jiangnan, we are moved by this taste of hardness and softness.
Hearing the horn of battle comeing from the ancient battlefield sounded, looking back over the years and the majestic mountains, and time condensed everything which is light as the sound of a flute. Any priggism is superfluous. There is nothing here, there is everything here, changeable and pure, the real soul.
The entrance is towering with a dignified and solemn, elevated to be unified with the indoor language to form an overall continuity, and the interface and scale are integrated into the spatial form,introduced into the interior by the architecture。The cold and hard texture of the black metal partition is like the high night of Yinchuan. The built-in lights are dotted through and the Big Dipper guides the direction.
Caress the undulating ridges of Helan Mountain, wrinkle the sand dunes, fly by, start the ripples of the lake, sway the reeds, and the curves of the walls catch the traces of the wind.
From the stars to the dawn, following the outward expansion of the building roof shape, the "cosmic stars" dome, colliding with the large sloping roof brings the art of the earth. The primitive mystery and roughness of the natural landform reveals the naturalness of space. The sand texture walll is the time slipping away from the fingertips, the band-shaped light flowing on the ceiling, the natural light and shadow changing as if walking on the bottom of the river that is rapidly retreating in time and space, recalling the Silk Road thousands of years ago in the primitive and unruly.
The arc wall is a transition from shallow to deep to be a relaxed, artistic, and advanced communication environment. The natural reeds are half partitioned, offering relaxing and private. Hard and soft, and reality and mystery, with the firmness of mountains and the agility of water.
Lines circling upward, tossing and extending, therefore the two combed spaces are related to each other and reach each other. Black and white collide, the wheels of history are chased by, diverse cultures are intertwined and turbulent, the northwest of the desert is merged with the charming south, the boundary is blurred under the light and shadow, and space and space produce an organic whole.
A purest person is like the ever-changing desert itself. Those light or deep living are under the gentle posture, they turn into charming body language, which is deriving pleasure from innerpeace.
Visible technology becomes art via emotion. Because of the spirituality of the desert and Yuehai, people walking in such a common spiritual space, naturally become the creatures in it. Time, space, and human have created such a poetic space together. We can feel the space of dreams and realms, and the free world through eyes, views and gestures.

Designer: Luo Wei

Work meticulously and design diligently.
VGC Design was founded in 2010, integrating humanities, environment, architecture and landscape with the logic of the product, integrating functions. Balance art and commerce, break space barriers with an international perspective and open pattern, create the ultimate smart space, and create value for developers and users.