INNOVATION Prize of Decoration Display



"I wait for the wind of the field
We wait for the news from the clouds
Juliet's balcony curtains fluttered
The rose will appear
I watched the people coming and going
I'm waiting for the lights to come on
Shine on the people I love and those who love me... "



This is a classic line from Shakespeare's famous play Romeo and Juliet. It is engraved on the blue gray stone tablet under the antique architectural sculpture "Juliet's balcony" at the intersection of Fengxian, Shanghai. The poem is beautiful and charming, which makes passers-by stop and murmur. It seems that I have never forgotten it for a long time. When I got the film of this set of works, my mind suddenly returned to the scene that I stood in front of the stone tablet and read this poem in a low voice. Maybe it was the wonderful fate. I think the artistic flavor of poetry in this set of works is consistent with the aestheticism of poetry, which is memorable
In fact, there is no style about home. A big house or a villa. If you find the beauty around you and bring it into life, you will be happy enough to meet different adventures every day, even if it is common in other people's eyes.
The beginning and the end of the day, the departure and the return, all revolve around a home. The ordinary house, with the participation of "people" with different personalities, endures it with life, has emotional co construction, has the family's laughter, has the temperature, only then becomes the unique charm "home".
With the door open, the green Chimonanthus praecox branches and leaves came into view. It seemed that there was a fresh smell in the air, and the haze of Nanjing was also dispersed.
The living room space is broad and bright. At a glance, it's simple and atmospheric. It's not complicated. It's not deliberate. It's introverted and quiet. White sofa, gray wall, wooden furniture, black decoration, let the whole home look calm and spacious, everywhere in the home green plants, wanton growth of branches and leaves, let the space become soft and free.
Whether the paintings on the wall or the tea tables on the ground and bright fruits are blended into their own space with their own shapes, simultaneous interpreting the small innovative ideas in the rules, the use of strong echoes of colors and shapes adds a rational touch to the design.
There is no barrier between the dining room and the living room. The transparent layout makes the main space more transparent and open. The visual angle at a glance broadens the visual space, making the interior hierarchical, without a sense of depression, free and comfortable.
The sense of purity is the first feeling given by the master bedroom. It is like a baby's flawless smile. It is beautiful without impurities. It is comfortable to the bottom of people's heart. The fragrance of wood is deep. In the pure beauty of beige color, it is a kind of quiet and far-reaching leisure.
Green into the eye, wood into the heart, with black and white hanging painting, full of warm feeling, these are enough, where there is need for other redundant stacking, this is enough!

Zhang Xi

Education and working background: 2013-today, establishing Nanjing WUBO Decoration design Co., Ltd and as the Director of Design. 2009-2013, graduating from Nanjing University of the Arts ,majoring in Landscape Design and obtaining the Master degree of Fine Arts. 2004-2008, graduating from Nanjing Normal University, majoring in English and obtaining Bachelor of Arts.

In 2018, obtaining the Second Prize of Villa Space and Furnishing Design of
In 2017, obtaining the Third Prize of Furnishing Design of China Nanjing Interior Design.
In 2017, obtaining the Excellent Design of Nanjing Furnishing Invitational Tournament.
In 2017, obtaining the Shortlisted Candidate for the Best Furnishing Design of Idea-Tops.