INNOVATION Prize of Office Design

WELLEM (Xin Tian Di)


Wellem is based in the United States, through years of international medical experience, Wellem brings the American private medical concept to China, follows the evidence-based medicine and advocates the prevention and helth care concept instead of excessive treatment. Wellem eye clinic is a branch of Wellem.
Design Concept
Function Partition: Reception, Frame Glasses Demonstration, Visual Training Room, Clinic Room, Opened Optometry Area, Optometry Area, OK Glasses Experience Area, Trial Rest Area



This is a new planet called Xintiandi Wellem Optometric Center which is full of fantasy adventure, let each child found space exploration.
The planet is now landing Shanghai, they have the most advanced medical equipment with numbers of different lovely creature.
Dr. Kangkang, the one from the planet leads his team found that more and more children have eye disease, with ugly glasses on.
Dr. Kangkang is so angry! Because this virus is preventable and curable. But earthlings seem unaware of this.
Anxious Dr. Kangkang held a planetary meeting to discuss this serious problem.
Star designer designed for babies of juvenile myopia air defense line, will be more deep understanding as an entire galaxy health is the most developed of the planet, explore the stories that hidden in different corners.
In order to creat a relaxed and happy medical examination process for children, the designer set the place as the first space station for Wellem planet, and estabilished the story line of rabbit ophthalmology doctor driving the spaceship to explore the new space in the boundless universe. At the same time, different interactive installations for children are designed to enrich the story line and reduce the anxiety, restlessness and tension for children.
Wellem Xintiandi is not so much a children’s eye hosipital as a children’s cosmic experience center. The designer integrates different planets and cosmic elements into different sections, and the interesting and realistic spacecraft installations allow children to enjoy the process of inspection or medical treatment.
Design Elements: Universe, Spacecraft, Cabin, Control Room
The main entrance is a white space station (frame glasses display area / trial wear area), here is the intimate design of the room in the room, the designer believes that adults have big houses, children should have small houses. The shelf and mirror design in the house has a 360-degree reversible mirror on the bottom and the highest part of the laminate. It is amazing for our children of different ages to view.
The door is presented in the form of a curve, and rounded corners are processed at right angles to enhance the sense of streamlines and visual flexibility. At the top of the space station, multimedia is combined to present the seamless stitching technology with the shortest focal length, so that the content played by the four projectors can be seamlessly connected as a whole, and the materials can be switched according to the theme of different festivals.
The headspace reflects the deep blue cosmic ocean through planets of different sizes, while the spacecraft is presented by an aperture made of brushed stainless steel, encircling the planet.
The reception desk uses the elements of the cabin control room to enhance the visual sense and fun, and to present it in an exaggerated way, which further reflects the childlike interest. Go to the spacecraft to operate the operating cabin registration information; full of scientific and technological sense to make the baby curious, and instantly relax. As the spacecraft route saw the deep blue cosmic starry sky above the planet, the dreams of the baby were amazed.
The spatial design of the clinic has also changed to the original image of Dr. Kang Kang's studio. In order to enable children to relax, each small clinic caters to the elements of the environment and enhances the sense of space.
VIP cabin element is used in the lounge for the glasses trial. Because the functional requirements are dark, the dark blue leather soft bag is used on the wall to make the space more mysterious and soft, reducing the child's resistance and making it relax. Come down and experience.


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