INNOVATION Prize of Hotel Club Space

Water Rhyme


Water charm design of Fengcheng, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province
New Chinese style: white marble inlaid wall, dark gray marble floor; create a sense of hierarchy of space. The simple art of Chinese glass window lattice design, for the high-rise added a sense of permeability, but also let people have the idea to explore the truth; Chinese wooden ceiling ceiling inlaid with the right amount of Chinese red, and the floor echo each other, warm light reflected from the vermilion ceiling, painted a layer of soft light for the interior. Stone and wood collocation, square, atmosphere, vigorous momentum, there is no lack of Oriental softness.



When you come to the public leisure space, a green welcome pine and the window lattice of the Ming and Qing Dynasties reflect each other. You can display various ceramic arts and crafts with wooden lattice bookshelves, or show a remote three-dimensional water and ink landscape. Everywhere, you can see the scenery, step by step. In the tea break space, the polished whole solid wood long table is matched with the cushioned Chinese official hat chair, and the complete set of beautiful tea sets brings a trace of laziness in solemnity. In the meantime, as if wandering in a magnificent landscape of ink.

Designer: Zheng Yun