INNOVATION Prize of Hotel Club Space

Wangpo Lodge


The overall setting of the project is "home in the valley", which aims to create a quality creative resort space. The focus of this project is to borrow the scenery - better communicate with the natural environment through large area of floor to ceiling windows, and introduce the beautiful scenery given by nature into each room. The room should be reduced as much as possible, and the main space should be built with logs corresponding to the nature. Because this project is The original residential buildings are disassembled, so the overall area is limited (affected by the foundation area). Under the premise of not exceeding the red line, they are refitted. One room, one hall, half virtual and half solid space shielding are used to realize the division of functions. In the design and material selection, logs and environmental protection plaster are used as the main materials. The mat curtain coarse cloth is interspersed among them, and the curtain fabric is made of cotton and linen , environmental protection and nature.

Designer: Jia Caihong