Best of Office Space

Wander Wonderland Office


Black gave me black eyes, black eyes gave me pure light and shadow. The layout of the office area takes "appropriate density, twists and turns, sunshine, people-oriented" as the theme. The whole space dynamic line is composed of two parts. Two thirds of the area near the north is composed of reception hall, water bar space, training service consultation and other functions. The other third is the daily office scene of the enterprise. The whole space is very particular about the composition of light and shadow. The use of natural light constantly changes, making the light create a soft sensory effect under the interaction of space and light and shadow. It takes the quiet and tranquility given by nature, and integrates nature, space and light and shadow. The simplicity and simplicity of black and white gray complement each other.
The walking place is as dense as a garden and full of twists and turns. The ingenious partition layout of the overall space makes small spaces both independent and integrated. The large transparent glass also allows everyone to enjoy the sunshine outside the window and get a little quietness when they are busy working, so as to bring the sharing concept into full play.
The corridor area uses wooden grid as the basic element of unity, and the light is projected through the wooden grid to form interesting strip light shadow in the space. Different from the functional zoning of conventional space, we enclosed a sunken negotiation area in the independent office, separated the space by high and low staggered techniques, and completed the echo of the use of geometric elements in the space.
The "crystal box" is cleverly placed in the office area. The sunlight reflects a rainbow through the glass. The transparent colored glass makes the whole space float in the space. It is illusory and colorful, light and interesting, and perfectly combines the functionality and the ornamental.
We hope that the theme of this space design is to focus on light and shadow, art space, human care, and have a variety of switching office scenes, pay attention to the different psychological feelings of people walking in the space and the warm care of the enterprise for employees. At the same time, it is expected to put forward a future oriented office space design solution based on this practice.

Designer: Li Xiaofen

Silver Award of the Eighth China International Space Design Competition
Winner of the 9th China lighting application design competition in Hangzhou
Zhejiang excellent architectural decoration design Award (public building decoration design)
She joined the green city decoration and design department in 2009, and has ten years of experience in green city system design.
The design team was established in 2019, with solid artistic quality and professional foundation, outstanding communication and coordination ability and free hand expression ability, good at cooperation with people, excellent team leadership and management team ability, and nearly ten years of design experience and on-site cooperation experience in the hard decoration industry.
----For the design work of unique insights, have a strong sense of responsibility.