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French design has always attracted design enthusiasts from around the world with its unique charm. In French design, light luxury and minimalism coexist with French classic elements, bringing a unique charm to the space. This design will use this as the concept to decorate the living room, dining room, master bedroom, study, film and television hall, and tea room. As the core area of the family, the living room adopts a luxurious and minimalist design approach. The walls are mainly light beige, paired with soft lighting to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. In terms of furniture, we have chosen exquisite French sofas and coffee tables, as well as modern TV cabinets, which reflect both French elegance and simplicity. In addition, we also add a touch of luxury to the space through detailed decorations such as tapestries, carpets, and decorative paintings.
The design of the restaurant also follows the principle of light luxury and minimalism. The dining table and chairs are designed with simple lines, paired with French style chandeliers, to create a relaxed and pleasant dining environment. The decorative paintings on the wall add a touch of fashion. In addition, soft furnishings such as carpets and curtains fully reflect French elegance. As a resting space, the master bedroom emphasizes French romance and warmth even more. The walls are light pink, paired with French style wall lamps and bedside tables, creating a romantic atmosphere. In terms of bedding, we have chosen soft down mattresses and exquisite bed sheets to provide owners with a comfortable sleep experience. In order to meet the owner's leisure needs, we have also designed a small reading area with French lounge chairs.
As an independent work and learning space for family members, the study combines French classic elements with modern style. The bookshelf and desk are both carved in French style, paired with modern style chairs and small desk lamps, which not only meet practicality but also maintain a sense of fashion. The decorative paintings and carpets on the walls further enhance the taste of the space. The film and television hall is a place where family members share entertainment. We create a high-quality viewing environment through comfortable seats, large projection screens, sound equipment, and other configurations. The walls are mainly in deep tones, creating a calm atmosphere. In addition, we have also designed a full body mirror, which not only facilitates the dressing of family members but also adds a sense of space.
As a place for tea tasting and communication during leisure time, we have adopted a simple but not simple decoration style in the tea room. The ground is made of wooden materials, creating a warm and natural atmosphere. In terms of furniture, we have chosen several simple coffee tables and chairs, as well as an exquisite embedded tea cabinet. In addition, we have added a touch of Zen to the space through elements such as decorative paintings and green plants. In summary, this design is based on the principles of light luxury and minimalism, as well as French classic elements. Through the decoration design of the living room, dining room, master bedroom, study, film and television hall, and tea room, it creates a practical and aesthetically pleasing living space for the owner. We hope that through our design, every family member can feel comfortable and warm in this home full of French charm.

Designer: Peiyu Fu (Kelly)

Certified CEIDA Central Europe International Design Association.Certified by IED, European School of Design, Certified as a Soft Decoration Designer, Certified as a Senior Interior Architect in National Architectural Design, Certified as a Senior Interior Designer by the International Association for Building Decoration and Interior Design, Certified as a Senior Interior Designer by the APDC International Design Exchange Center, Certified APDF Designer Professional Member of the Asia Pacific Designer Alliance, Certified International Registered Senior Soft Decoration Presenter (issued by the IAAPC Professional Qualification Review Committee), Certificate in "Soft Decoration and Display Design" in the Environmental Design Education Major of Tsinghua University, The work "Maiyan" is an outstanding young designer among the top 50 Chinese interior design companies from 2016 to 2017, The work "Tourmaline" won the gold medal in the category of residential apartment viewing space in the 2016-2017 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition (Huading Award) The work "Tai Hu Nianhua" 2018 Asia Pacific Space Design Annual Selection "Space Art Masters", The work 'Hidden' was selected on the 2019-2020 Chinese Design Brand List - the Most Commercially Valuable Villa Space Works, 2020 Excellent Brand Influence and Integrity Demonstration Unit, Outstanding works in the 2020 APDC Asia Pacific Design Center Space Magic Competition, Grandpa Tang's Courtyard won the Hotel Space Award at the 12th Asia Pacific Design Elite Competition in 2021 Grandpa Tang's Courtyard "won the bronze medal in the 2021 APDC Space Magic Competition, Grandpa Tang's Courtyard "was nominated for the LICC London International Creative Awards, SIT Furniture Design Award Hotel Category Award for Grandpa Tang's Courtyard, One Light Year "won the gold medal in the 2022 Fang Zhenhua Space Magician Competition, 2023 Italy IIDA AWARD International Design Award.