INNOVATION Prize of Office Design

Love and freedom


Love and freedom
——Uskid Sino US double normal school
As the title says, love and freedom are the images to be interpreted in this space.



Uskid Sino US double normal school is an English early education center in Beijing joined by friends. Facing children aged 1-10, "let English become the second mother tongue" is a quotation, which makes English become a habit. Pure English picture books and pure English teaching can give children a safe, beautiful and free childhood, and guide and improve their own thinking. What space can do is to integrate education and entertainment, and integrate functions and entertainment into one, undertake and perfect each other.
The overall structure is simple and concise, without unnecessary embellishment. The original structure is rigid, and the secondary turning of the stairs is steep. A lot of demolition and reconstruction have been done to weaken the security risks of the original structure. The original wall of the first floor is mainly open type picture book library. All the walls and almost all the windows are used to make picture book cabinets. Tens of thousands of pure English picture books are collected for children to read. The octagonal card seat can accommodate many parents and children to read together. The double moving line at the entrance makes it embrace like a mother's arms, which makes the parent-child time more warm. Here, a circular moving line is formed around the round soft bag card seat in the hall on the first floor, which has multiple functions and aesthetics. Therefore, it is called a comprehensive functional area, which gathers reading, waiting and playing. The arc bar and triangle rest area make good use of space. The second floor is the classroom and the waiting area for parents. A large area of tempered glass is used outside the classroom. The semi open design and transparent design format are used to make the children's hearts more open and not be blocked in the narrow space. And all the teachers will sit around the children in a squat. The basis of interpretation of love is equality and freedom, not "education".
The choice of color and material, are relatively deep and flat blue, green, log color, gray, trees. And open the children's imagination of the starry ceiling. Increase the freedom of wholeness and closeness to nature.

Designer: Banjo