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Fengfan Beijing Model Room Project is located along West Chang'an Street, Mentougou District, Beijing. The surrounding landscape is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and there are abundant supporting facilities such as the East Olympic Organizing Committee, Shougang Park, Apple Park Business District, Wukesong Business District, and Financial Street. As a youth elite theater in western Beijing, Fengfan Beijing has refreshed a new height of contemporary youth hardbound community.
In the space design of Fengfan Beijing Model Room, the designer adheres to the people-oriented design concept, deeply empathizes with the space, and creates a diversified and multi-functional space for the design theme of "one leap and luxury, the N-th power of home". Products that truly understand life will have emotional resonance with users. A good product is like an abbreviation of a life course, which will bring people association of stories and emotional changes. In space, a large number of artistic sculpture ornaments are used to show space details, which makes people wander in the association of art.


Sheng Yongna, who graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1999 and Tsinghua University in 2014, is now the founder of saridip Space Design Co., Ltd. With many years of design experience, after time accumulation and precipitation, I have my own design skills and style. Pursue perfection, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have strong communication and coordination skills. Adhering to the concept of "ingenious design leads the aesthetic purpose of life, and integrates the aesthetic quality into the works perfectly", we create an exclusive current life style and a unique artistic conception beyond our expectations for each project.