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Under the white wall|QI STUDIO


Qi studio is a creative space for designers. The original building itself was a traditional printing factory which did not have much historical imprint at the beginning of the 1990s. A large number of sheds are often built around the main body to increase the space for storage and production. The facade is covered with dust yellow, and the smell of ink infiltrating into the soil, forming a typical small factory in the south of the Yangtze River. "I want to transform it into a space more in line with the city's location and meet the needs of contemporary office creation. A large number of "Relaxation" in the space can make people in the space, in the complicated urban work, give spiritual release, and think more freely. The creators are looking for each other here, imagining free mixing, colliding and inspiring here. We hope that this kind of space design can bring some typical and meaningful references in the change of Jiangnan City. "——So said Da Qi.
The architectural structure has not been changed much, but the image and feeling of space have changed completely. The office space is mainly distributed in the two floors of the L-shaped building. The art of life exhibition hall, VIP negotiation room, bar area, gymnasium, multi-functional conference room, multi-functional restaurant and leisure and entertainment space are specially set for employees and customers. In addition, a roof garden is also built on the top floor of the building. The designer can experience the happiness of "urban farmer" here, create a strong sense of belonging for employees, and transform the "workplace" into a comfortable "living space".
Black and white pure office area open and no sense of distance. In this design, the office space breaks the traditional sense of closed order and creates a free office environment. Designers communicate with each other and share resources within the visible range of the naked eye. The whole work area is open and unobstructed. All the behavior norms and order are generated in everyone's self-restraint, forming an active working environment. The design of the second floor ceiling cleverly conceals the wiring of air conditioner, drainage pipe and electric wire, and shows the order of the structure by using the original structure.


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