INNOVATION Prize of Decoration Display

TRECA Haute Couture Sleep Experience Shop in Tianjin


France TRECA (Cui Tuo) mattress, specializing in mattress bedding research and development, design, innovation, manufacturing, sales and service in one brand. French TRECA (Cui You) is located in the northeast of France. In Alsace Province between the Furi Mountains and the Rhine River, it is rich in fresh white wine. It has beautiful scenery in all seasons and picturesque summer. The French TRECA mattress was born here. French TRECA (Cui Tuo) mattress is a high-end imported luxury mattress brand made purely by hand. Modern luxury style is the most suitable choice for high-end customized stores. In this case, there are six bedroom spaces, a reception area and a bar area. The overall choice of warm and dark lighting system shows a low-key luxury temperament in the space. The material of the bed is also made of different materials, such as cloth and leather, which makes the interior material more abundant. The hanging pictures and other sketches are used to connect the various spaces, which is simple and attractive. It shows that French TRECA as a high-quality sleep must be limited, unique, scarce, comfortable and other conditions, showing good products to the new aristocratic consumer groups in China. One of the space beds is Cui Tuo TRECA, who signed a deep cross-border cooperation agreement with famous international designer Liang Zhitian at the Shanghai International Furniture Fair and released a series of products designed by Liang Zhitian. In this space, choose the same color as the bedside lamp base, bedside hanging pictures and vertical doorway hanging pictures to make the space full of view.

Hu Lei