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The triple door ceremony sequence, one into the door, two into the hall, three into the hall, step by step details to highlight the layers of China's progressive homecoming ceremony sequence. Push the door and enter, welcome the guests, welcome the guests in all directions, as far as the eye can see the art installation of the peak, with the mountain lines, hollowed-out carving calligraphy, Nankai represented by the content of the university motto, the interpretation of Tianjin Spirit of the Times Fort Concord cultural heritage. Extracting the spirit and humanity image of the ancient city of Tianjin, taking the city context and cultural gene as the cultural label price that truly represents the city of Tianjin, and presenting the humanity spirit that awakens the aesthetics by modern means, to convey the sense of value and humanistic spirit of the modern aesthetic space. At the same time, the introduction of Nankai classic culture, explore the traditional humanistic flavor, through the inheritance of classics and contemporary art combination. Upgrade to create a strong cultural atmosphere, with a modern image of elegance, high-level gathering of knowledge circle of the museum.

Agency:Beijing Shanhe Jinyuan Art and Design Stock Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shanhe Jinyuan Art Design Co. , Ltd. (SHD shanhe design) was established in Beijing in 2009. The company is committed to the pursuit of return to the essence of life space design, customized for the elite class unique high-end space experience. SHD shanhe design is a high-quality design service company with high-quality and high-efficiency design service as its core competence, focusing on high-end design custom service.
SHD shanhe design provides quality space design services for various types of projects. Including real estate projects, medical projects, health care, feature towns and so on. Since its establishment, Shanhe Jinyuan has established long-term good cooperative relations with China oversea property,Poly Sweet Co., Ltd,Greentown Real Estate Group, China Jinmao Group,China Railway Construction Development Group ,China Resources Land,CSC LAND,Longhu District real estate, Shimao Group, Taikang group,Zhongjiao real estate, Yangguangcheng Group,for customers to create a number of well-known classic works. Shanhe design is also the first high-end custom-made design service enterprise in China which puts forward the concept of "returning to the essence of life" .