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Tianjin Jizhou Wanda Project 90 Model Room
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Project Name: Tianjin Jizhou Wanda project 90 model room
Location: Tianjin China
Design Company:  Beijing JIEN Architectural Design Co., Ltd 
Chief Designer: Cheng Fei
Assistant Designer:
Area: 90㎡
Cost: ¥ 3,500/㎡
Design Cycle: From June 2022 to Octuber 2022
Completion time: December 2022
Main Materials: Marble, wood grain aluminum plate, stainless steel, wallpaper
Client Name: Wanda Group
Design Description:
Tianjin Jizhou Wanda Project is located on Nanhuan Road, Jizhou District, Tianjin. It is the first urban complex project of Wanda Group in Jizhou. This project is one of the main types of houses in the residential plots, and it is aimed at the local young customers in Jizhou, Tianjin, mainly the first-time buyers who just need it. Therefore, the positioning of the project itself tends to be younger, and the design focus is more inclined to the sense of entertainment and richness that young people love.
Consider connecting the porch space with the living room and activity room together. Knock out the redundant filling wall, and connect the entrance hall and the wall of the living room as a whole. It makes the original monotonous living room space of this small apartment become flexible and transparent at once. Break the solidified impression of the original TV wall in the living room, and replace the "TV wall" with an "entertainment wall". It can accommodate small and medium-sized video games and parent-child entertainment equipment, and at the same time, it can more effectively display the flexible advantages of the apartment type.
The living room is connected to the balcony to make a wide hall design, which greatly improves the lighting of the living room. The south-facing second bedroom is designed to be openable and closeable. Customers see the variability of apartment types)
Integrated design of restaurant, dining table and bar counter. At the same time, the design of the inner deck not only saves the gap between the chair and the wall, but also improves the comfort during meal time.
The bathroom space has also done innovative functional integration, integrating the laundry space into the storage cabinet and increasing the internal size of the bathroom.
In terms of display function, this case changes the original north-facing bedroom into a multi-functional room. While providing office space, this space can also be used for temporary rest. Provide customers with a more comprehensive residential space that integrates entertainment, work and life.

Agency : Beijing JIEN Architectural Design Co., Ltd