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Tiange Culture Mansion Sales Center


From the expression of the building, the separation between the interior function areas, to the distribution of the whole plane function, all adopt the traditional Chinese symmetrical method to deal with, showing the conformity of the form with the traditional Chinese space design idea.
Designers think of gray as a meaningful color, hazy and clear. Metope chooses gray to express, with a kind of"retreat"posture, go to show the dialogue between distant and near, high and low, between light and dark, become the subject color of academy.
Into the sales office interior, the main entrance ceiling wooden lattice shape of the spatial form frame extraction of the eastern mortise and tenon elements, the housing from the living carrier deconstruction, reorganization, to present a contemporary way.
Different layers and texture of gold copper, gray, white complement each other, plain, but also abundant degree. The style of the ancient city, the original is not in the elegant pile-up, but free and relax .
Floor to ceiling windows maximize natural light, custom bookshelves melt the boundaries between areas, allowing light to fit properly into the space.
The reception desk and the main sand table are designed in white marble symmetry, just like a tour in the Song Dynasty painting landscape. On both sides of the reception area, the symmetry of the ancient rustic rough stone column array over the corridor, light and shadow interspersed, enhanced the spatial experience level sense, as if in the space-time tunnel.
The Concept of "Palace Lights" was introduced by the designer. It is hung in the hall in a huge but light form. It has the elegance of the palace style and adds a little modern lightness and transparency. The beauty of this system is that the eastern mortise-and-tenon structure embedded with western lighting technology, the interpretation of the traditional and modern integration of the new life, but also the entire space gave birth to the atmosphere of a broad and temperament.
The area continues the almond-colored Wood bookcase modeling, array layout, through the top, landing, showing the traditional Chinese style of infinite tolerance and the beauty of the eastern ritual.
the Water Bar is made of black Laurentian gold marble and colored glazed brick, which shows the deep oriental charm and modern spirit. The Bar background wall screen modeling uses the Oak Almond color open woodwork paint, the silk cloth melts the old time window lattice element. Background Double Palace Silk Hard bag linear light modeling, low-key in emitting a rustic rich charm, dim quietly in the light.
Panjin, the city of slow living, passes on the essence of living space and community atmosphere over time. The designer uses the poetic design technique to infuse the space atmosphere.
Very Modern and industrial beauty of the lamps and lanterns, soft glow, shadow, quiet and uncontested, will be brought to the audience area immersed in the field, slowly get together with the atmosphere of affinity.
VIP Area Design is very specific under the oriental context of "new Chinese style" , a modern character, fashion, exquisite, elegant.
People are mostly looking for a new Chinese derived way of life: Holding a book, with mountains and streams, quiet life. The designer mixed this kind of request in the project, clear the modern life, the artistic pursue regarding the space significance, finally found the poetic dwelling, lets the home become the heart hidden dwelling.

Designer: Felix Zhao

20 years in the design profession, with experience in architectural and planning design, bridge design, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, sculpture and installation art design. Winner of the French Janus Award, the Golden Hall Award for Outstanding Works in the hotel category, the Golden Hall Award for Outstanding Works in the real estate category, the Aite Award for outstanding works, the Guanghua Longteng award for young designers in China, international Design Ambassador selected in the 2020 IIDA AWARD.
Good at the architect's perspective of the visual experience of space into a deeper level of cultural connotation. Because the modelling, color, material, craft, light use, artwork and so on all elements and technology, are for the space and the feeling service. Space is the bone, the other elements are the flesh and skin, and the cultural connotation is the soul. For Interior design, put forward: "only by the combination of materials to decorate the space, it is only made to do, can really touch the heart, is the work. ". Regarding the public building design, must emphasize must respect the nature, respects the humanities, respects the historical idea.
Fortunately, during the 20 years of design, many projects have come to fruition as China's real estate and construction industries have grown at a rapid pace. In the design practice, also learned from the investors, users, consumers and designers to examine the rationality of the four perspectives. Thus to the Wenlu, hotel, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, offices, catering and residential space design has a very comprehensive experience. It is now exploring the future of design in the fields of technology and intelligence.