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Thunder Mountain coffee interior space design
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The project is located in South China, "Green city" Nanning, south of Beibu Gulf, north of the 100,000 mountain. With a long and great cultural history, it is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation.
The project is on the conversion floor of the B6 office building in the central square of Green space in Qingxiu District, which matches the artistic coffee temperament. The space is square and the vision is wide. It is easy to combine the exhibition, so that the design has more possibilities.
Mainly urban white-collar workers, young youth, traffic network celebrities, 18-40 years old artistic youth who have the pursuit of quality of life, long-term operation to attract the consumption of surrounding residents.
Different from the traditional coffee shop, it goes to the coffee shop, the lifestyle scene, transmits the brand values, and senses the future life in advance. According to the project conditions, through the orderly transformation of spatial relations, the formation of exhibition + social + experience, giving people a sense of belonging, exploration and rich imagination space.
The project uses red rust art paint base color and simple straight line and arc modeling techniques to render a delicate and elegant visual feeling.
The picture frame of the shelf is designed to be proportionally divided into the wall, breaking the boredom in the jump. The smooth structure in one go is the careless elegance of the river of time.
Afternoon, sunshine, coffee mellow, music played in the space with the flow of emotions switch, every moment of daily life, like an old movie aftertaste.


DRAGON.WEI graduated from Exhibition Planning and Design, Guangxi University of the Arts; Hobbies: Tennis, Frisbee, outdoor travel, photography.
Projects I participated in after graduation: 1 Yiwu FLOWER Weishang Exhibition Hall; 2 Nanning Seclusion Oriental Hotel; 3 Nanning Master Ruicheng Marketing Center sales office; 4 Nanning proficient in Ruicheng model room; 5 Nanning Hengzhou Baiyue Baoshu Hotel; 6 Guilin Master Hotel model room; 7 Nanning Master 101 Hotel old to new; 8 Ronghe Park Villa Villa; 9 Nanning Yongzhi Lemon Duck Restaurant; 10 Proficient in Xiyue Marketing center & model room; 11 Proficient in Fairyland Bay Marketing center & model room; 12 Ruiboulin Jewelry Exhibition Hall; 13 Shenzhen 【GODDESS WHITE】 Wedding Dress Space Design; 14 Nanning Longguang Century 610 office space design; 15 Nanning Hangyang North Square 【 Picked up 】 Spanish restaurant; 16 Guangxi Yulin Luchuan Wenchang House sales Department model room design; 17 Guancheng family private house design; 18 China Resources Vientiane Huafu private house design; 19 Nanning Meiquan 1612 Japanese Spa; 20 Wanda Mowen and You Space Design; 21 Yulin Hanlin landscape city mansion design; 22 Yulin Hanlin Landscape City top-level club design; 23 Nanning Zulong ACMALL women's yoga studio design; 24 Nanning Junhua Jinyun private house design; 25 Mr. Ma elegant house design, Shenzhen, Guangdong; 26 Guangxi China Post flagship store design; 27 Shengtian Land Early Childhood Education Space; 28 Ruixiaomei Light Medical beauty commercial space; 29Better dance Studio Design; 30 Honglin Yichun marketing Center model room design; 31 Fang teacher elegant house design; 32 Thunder Mountain coffee retail space design; 33 Facade decoration of C3 elevator of Baiyi Shanghe City, facade design of concert hall and art center; 34 Linfeng One official residence private house design; 35 Baiyi Shanghe City A14 main gate, A5 industrial corridor and door, silk textile factory cultural interior exhibition hall design; 36 Vanke 233㎡ grand flat floor elegant house design; 37 Happy Shuke dining space design; 38 Fontaine Lisshe Villa courtyard design; 39 Fangchenggang Guo hometown elegant house architectural design.
Slogan: Design comes from life, but higher than life! Achieve space harmony, let details create perfection!
2016.11-2020.08 Interior decoration designer of Technology Research and Development Department of Guangxi Master Real Estate Group. 2021.01- Now Founder/Design Director of Shenzhen Liyuhe Architectural Design Office Co., LTD. 2023.04-present Founder/Design Director of Shenzhen Wei Zonglong Design Office Co., LTD.
Awards and Honors:
2021-2022 Guangzhou Design Week 40UNDER40 China (Nanning) Design Outstanding Young people. 2021-2022 Guangzhou Design Week 40UNDER40 China (Guangxi) Design Outstanding Young people. 2021 French Janus "GPDP AWARD" International Design Award International Innovative Design Award in the Dining space category. In 2022, the fifth AIIDA International Innovation Design Award in the United States was awarded the Professional Innovation Award in the Dining Space category.
2022 China CRIDA & TASTING KITCHEN Dining Space Design Excellence Award. 2022 Feng Fan IDOL Dining Space Reality Category Bronze Award 2022 Feng Fan IDOL Commercial Space Program category Bronze Award. 2022 APSDA Asia Pacific Space Design Annual Award for the most original designer.
2022 ID+G GOLDEN-CREATIVITY DESIGN AWRD Gold Award for Commercial Exhibition Space. 2023 Feng Fan IDOL Public Space Scheme Silver Award 2023 Feng Fan IDOL residential space scheme Gold Award.
2022-2023 Selected as designer of CIFF Design Thousand Talents Plan of Guangzhou Design Week. From 2022 to 2023, it was selected into the list of 36 top candidates of China Design Star.
2023 FDC AWARD French Design Forum Annual International Influential Cover Figure Award.
2023 Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award | The Annual Top100 International Influential Innovative Designer Award. 2023 IDG DESIGN AWARD | Golden Creative Professional Award International Innovation Award for Dining Space.
2023 Creative ASEAN Silk Road Human Settlement environment design TOP500 designers.