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The Wonderful Space of Sea & Foam
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design concept: "Sea & Bubble's Wonderful Space" This is a futuristic, cool home. The project is located in Haitian Mansion, South District, Qingdao City, China. The hardcover rooms of Haitian Mansion are hard-furnished in a modern, light and luxurious style. The living room and dining room have a wide view, and you can enjoy the landscape of red tiles, green trees, sea and sky. Combined with the outdoor sea view, we want an interesting and design sense in the design of the soft decoration, looking for strong styling and comfortable home elements to create a futuristic space. rochebobois The French Art de Vivre is a concept I particularly like. I always think that space is diversified and integrated. The bubble series sofa in the living room is composed of many bubbles, which reminds me of the bubbles left by the receding sea water on the beach outside the window sublimating to the clouds in the sky, soft and soft; the bright silver SILVER TREE tea table is very fashionable and organically shaped Similar to a tree trunk, it produces endless reflections on the surrounding light and colors; the curved shapes on the VOLUTE carpet are like ripples on the sea; the NO LIMIT vase on the coffee table is also the highlight of the living room, and the three fish break the boundaries of the space. The CACTUS floor lamp in the living room is composed of three circles, which is also an element connecting the living room and the dining room. The shape of the dining table endows the space with artistry, and the futuristic structure provides different shapes according to the position of the viewer; the carpet with the spiral staircase pattern in the restaurant adds a sense of depth to the space; the transparent AVA dining chair makes the space more transparent and is projected on the ground Shadows are like sea spray. The LADY B. armchair on the balcony looks like a flying butterfly, and it is also an elegant chair. Its sitting posture is very interesting. You can enjoy the scenery of Badaguan by leaning on the armrest on the right, and the Olympic sailing by leaning on the armrest on the left Sea view pomp in the center. The pillows on the sofa are artistic, and the fabric design comes from JEAN COCTEAU, one of the greatest French artists. It has been transformed into a new cubism influenced by his best friend Picasso. The dark purple tone of the master bedroom space has connotations. The dark purple frosted leather of the bed enhances the texture of the empty space. The furnishings in the cloakroom reflect the taste of the owner. When relaxing, you can sit on the COIFFE armchair by the window and spend time. The accessories of the master bedroom are also the highlights of the space. The pillows and blankets are from MISSONI, and the rich zigzag patterns and colors also enliven the atmosphere of the space. The second bedroom space is a combination of classical and modern. The Chester-style bed is matched with the classic series of rochebobois side cabinets.KENZO TAKADA, the bright colors bring a touch of warmth to the space. The CELESTE leisure chair by the window has a strong sense of shape and a different feeling when combined with classical elements. The elements of "sea water", "foam" and "circle" are related to the whole space and complement each other. Qingdao in early summer, in Haitian Mansion "Sea & Bubble's Graceful Space", this is a futuristic and cool home.

Designer:Liu Xin

Main case soft decoration designer: Liu Xin XIAOYI LIU ·Qingdao Luoqibao Home Furnishing Manager ·Special Lecturer of School of Environmental Art, Qingdao University of Technology ·2017 Greenland China Soft Decoration Design Competition National Second Prize